Isaac's Number the Stars Book Diary By isaac


I think think that war can be a painful or deadly place. War can also be traumatizing afterwards.

In World War II, people in those countries probably felt sad. Because they lost.


I think that neighbors can be anyone. Neighbors can be you friends, people who live across the street from you or people in you neighborhood.

If there war a war going on and my neighbors were affected, I would realistically respond by

Number The Stars

Based on the Amazing Race, what do you predict Number The Stars Will be about? (Conflict, plot, characterization, theme) (In more than 1 sentence-explain your thinking)

Literary Analysts

(pages 8 & 9) Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means that they should blend in with the crowd. I think she says this because she doesn't want her to be picked on, because they are part of the resistance.

If Denmark were the body body guard for the Jews... I think it would look like people looking out there windows making sure that none of the German solders were doing anything bad to them. They would also be patrolling the streets

At the end of chapter three Annemarie wasn't felling like she would ever need to protect the Jews/Ellen. But little did she know she would need to eventually.

In chapter five and up she is protecting Ellen with every thing she can to make sure the solders don't take away the Jews. Annemarie wants to protect her so much that she took her to Uncle Henrik's house.

I think that the star of David being imprinted on Annemarie means that she is a really good friend to Ellen, and wants to protect her.


A prediction is when readers make a guess as to what will happen in the future of the story based on everything they know already.

We just read about how Peter came over and talked to them about the Germans taking out the Jews. Ms. Hirch is the owner of a button shop and she is also a Jew. She mysteriously disappeared. We also read about Ms. Rosen, and how she is Jewish

Therefor, I predict that Germany will

We just read about how Mrs. Johanson took group 2 to the harbor and once she was almost home she tripped, fell, and had to crawl back. However before she could get back Annemarie had to help Mrs. Johanson inside but once she was back inside Annemarie found the packet that Mr. Rosen was supposed to to Uncle Henrik. After that Annemarie had to take the packet to Henrik, but one her way there Annemarie was stopped by the German soldiers. Therefore, I predict that they will stop her, search through her basket, see the package, and then ask her what it is. Then Annemarie will act clueless and say that her uncle forgot his lunch and had no idea that it was in there.


|Man vs man|

When Annemarie was told to halte it was man vs man between Annemarie and the soldier.

Man vs self

One place in Number the Stars where it is man vs self is where Annemarie debates breaking off Ellen's star of David necklace.

|Man vs nature|

It was man vs nature when Mrs. Johansen fell and twisted her ankle.

|man vs soicty|

It was man vs society when the guards came and checked


BEGINNING of the book Theme

The Johnson were living a normal life exept the fact that there was a war going on in their country.

End of the book theme

The theme of the end of the book is that the Johansons try to keep the Jews safe.

Beginning of the book theme passage

I'll race you to the corner. Ellen!

End of the book theme passage

The time has come that we have to protect the Jews

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and Stocky

She was a stocky 10 year old unlike lanky Annemarie. (1)


Contempt cat








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