RBI Aiding Amputees

Background Information on Brazil

-Largest country in South America (full of poverty and disease)

-Government: Federal Republic

-Population: Approximately 204,259,812 people

-Religion(s): Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, Muslim/Islam, Buddhist, etc.

Rio de Janeiro

Top 3 Most Prevalent Health Concerns

The top three health problems in Brazil are yellow fever, malaria, and poverty. Malaria impacts mass amounts of people in Brazil every year and is most recently known as an outbreak. Poverty in Brazil is very common because there are many poor parts of the region. Poverty can bring dangerous living conditions as well.

Yellow Fever Endemic zones are highlighted in yellow.

Scatter Plot of Health Information

Scatter Plot: A graph that uses "horizontal and vertical axes to plot data points." (usually used for large amounts of data)

Line of Best Fit: A straight line that you put through a scatter plot to help "best represent the data" and find a correlation.

We can create a scatterplot to show how each year there is a new number of amputees. (years to amputees)

Physical & Chemical Properties of our Product

Physical Properties: A physical property is any property that can be measured. Also it is any property that can be perceived. For example, density. Density can be measured, therefore it is a physical property. Also, the concentration of something is a physical property.

Chemical Properties: Chemical properties can only be shown when you change a substance's chemical identity. Now, chemical properties are the characteristics of materials that are evident after the material goes through a chemical change or reaction. If you want to observe a chemical change the materials structure has to be changed. For example, when metal rusts.

Average housing (poverty stricken)

Benefits of our Product

Our product will benefit one legged and two legged amputees. Amputees that use our product will benefit enormously from daily life to how they feel about themselves, and even all the way to how they can exercise. Our product will allow them to maneuver around their house and even around the town. They will not feel like they have to depend on other people when using our product because they will actually be able to move and do daily activities.


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