STAND STILL WITH D.C. Find the future that's been victimized by sex trafficking and other forms of sexual abuse.

Campaign Overview- June 1 to June 30th

Recently, the amount of missing black girls in the DMV has been brought to the attention of many social media users who are concerned with the seeming lack of effort by the D.C. police department. In a statement released by Mayor Muriel Bowser, the amount of missing children have actually not spiked but that more and more people are paying attention noting that of the 501 open cases, all but 22 are closed. But whether a child is missing or is kidnapped, they are still more likely to be victimized or exposed to sex trafficking, or could have very well been raped at home. Through the advertisement of missing persons fliers, free forums, and a major kick-off rally and concert showing celebrity engagement this campaign will engage social media users to participate in the community wide effort to raise awareness on missing persons while gaining knowledge of sex trafficking.

Literature Review

There were many social media campaigns surrounding missing persons and/or the dangers of sex trafficking, but I chose to look at two.

HAART is an organization based in Kenya used Twitter as a Social Media platform to raise awareness about human trafficking issues. Total followers: 1,231 in 4 years
#missingdcgirls is a social media campaign that was born from the realization that many Black and Latinx children from the DMV were deemed critical missing persons.
This first image shows the beginning of the twitter thread that ignited the conversation. It increased awareness of missing girls around the DMV area. Artists, activists, and celebrities soon joined the conversation.

Call to Action

  1. There will be a city-wide march throughout the streets to #StandStillwithDC and to #findourfuture to stop human sex trafficking. Participants will be asked to register using an online form and by submitting this form, they are automatically pledging to help build community efforts to raise awareness on sex trafficking and to help find their missing teens. The March will hopefully stop traffic.
  2. The last weekend of the month, there will be a concert event at Gateway D.C. to help raise money for organizations that cater to vulnerable teens in the DMV who may fall victim to sex trafficking. There will be a registration fee of $5 which will go towards the Fair Girls foundation in D.C.. Headliners will include Wale, Alicia Keys, Solange, and Twalib Kweli.

Campaign Objectives

  • To help locate the missing girls using Social Media. Sweepstakes detailed later will explain this method.
  • Promote awareness about the relationship between missing females, runaways, and human sex trafficking and how hidden they are in major cities and communities like D.C. According to the Department of Justice, "Because human trafficking is, by its nature, a hidden activity, public awareness can increase investigative referrals and may also induce a victim to contact law enforcement."
  • Empower women who are victims of Human Sex Trafficking and protect girls who are vulnerable to being sex trafficked by educating them on the nearest safe houses in their communities.

Campaign Goals

Facebook: 30,000 page likes

Twitter: 8,000 followers

IG: 10,000 followers

  • Raise an additional $10,000 for Fair Girls in D.C., a foundation that counsels victims of sex-slavery. They also offer a safe house for girls who are vulnerable to sex-trafficking and sexual abuse.

Target Audience

  • Because sex-trafficking targets girls between the ages of 13 and 17, this age group would be my primary target audience. This group is most vulnerable so its best to find the appropriate platform for that group where we could raise awareness about the issue. According to a study conducted by Common Sense Media, 51 percent of teens use social media and 68 percent of that statistic use Facebook.
  • Because the primary social media platforms includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, of course any social media users of these social media sites will most likely become an audience to the Social Media Campaign as well, especially since there is a need for donors. Middle and upper class users are also a targeted audience
  • Community members whose ages and demographics may vary. In D.C. specifically, majority of the missing persons or people who are more likely to be sex trafficked belong to black or latinx lower-class communities.
Most postings will occur at peak time of the day between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. according to numerous studies. For Facebook, specifically, Wednesday is the peak posting day of the week so there will be significantly more posts during this day.
A typical posting day would include infographics on the relationship between missing persons and human sex trafficking, a flier advertising a critically missing person, and the promotion of the upcoming sweepstakes or events.

Content Creation Plan

The platforms will include most, if not all the following. Main differences will be the period lengths for each and how content is presented:

  • Audience Engagement Period: Interacting with users by responding to mentions related to campaign and mentioning people who posted about the subject.
  • Events (3) or Sweepstake (2) Posts- Sweepstake will mainly be advertised for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Infographic- or a visually interesting presentation of a single fact.
  • Text Videos produced once a week- informative text videos may replace infographics, feature stories from victims of sex trafficking, or inform audience on local organizations devoted to helping the cause.
  • In-Depth Story-telling using images.
  • Boost or repost period- period where tweets are retweeted and posts are boosted to ensure people see the message.
Facebook: @findourfuture
Facebook is most used platform and will feature text videos, infographics, compelling story telling accompanied with photographs and sweepstakes. Will also advertise for events.
IG: findingourfuture
Instagram posts will include posts that are visually engaging such as infographics, pictures of events, text videos, and emotionally receptive photographs.
Twitter: @findthefuture_
Twitter has a longer Audience Engagement period because it is real-time based and corresponds with news delivery. Content would be tailored for an audience that desire short and quick news, so retweeting or posting fliers from DCPD, quick facts on runaways, sex-trafficking, and sexual abuse and campaign updates.

Sweepstakes and Events

Busboys and Poets Forum| June 17

A forum will be conducted in D.C.'s own Busboys and Poets which is a poetry bar and restaurant that offers a place to discuss political and social issues. This "forum" is really an open mic event that allows community members of all ages to hear testimonies from girls who have been sex-trafficked and to engage in a conversation. 10% of proceeds made at Busboys this day will be given to {Fair Girls DC}

On the right: Busboys and Poets have fortunately already begun the discussion, but a partnership with them can still benefit the campaign by giving us a physical platform to host events.

Bens Chili Bowl Sweepstakes| June 12-June 17

Bens Chili Bowl is an important part of D.C. culture and partnering with them will help the campaign better engage with the community. The Bens Chili Bowl Sweepstakes will give participants who use Facebook as a platform the opportunity to win free meals for a month. To enter, participants must also post a flier to their page and tag the picture with #StandStillwithDC #FindingourfutureDC hashtag. Must have liked the page.

Facebook users are required to post a local missing teen on their pages and use the hashtags #FindingourfutureDC and #StandstillwithDC

Our BIG Sponsor: Silk| June 26- June 30

photo pulled from IG:LoveMySilk

Having a face on a carton of milk was one way many missing children were advertised. I thought the idea has become a symbol and that a partnership with Silk was appropriate. An increasing amount of people have also turned to Silk to replace pasteurized dairy products for health reasons. To win this sweepstakes, a social media user would have to simply post a flier of a missing person onto their Instagram accounts and must be following @findingourfuture and @LoveMySilk on Instagram. Winners will receive a six month supply of Silk products in the form of twenty-six coupons.


  1. Increase impressions on Fair Girls website by 70%
  2. See an increase of the amount of donations, volunteers towards their site
  3. In 2016, Fair Girls supported 115 women and transgender women were victimized. Donations would hopefully expand the amount of women they can reach out to so this number should increase by atleast 15%
  4. See a steady trend in the hashtag #findourfuture and #standstillwithDC at least a week after the end of the campaign on all social media platforms used.


Overall, this campaign will raise awareness on the relationship between sex trafficking and missing teens. Through a variety of social outreach plans advirtised through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With our kick-off rally we hope that community member will plan to #StandStillwithDC in hopes to stop trafficking as well as #findingourfuture to make finding missing teens in D.C. not only a job for the P.D. but also the community. Hopefully the variety of media postings, events, and sweepstakes will teach the community a great amount of knowledge regarding missing teens, trafficking, and sexual abuse. The Stand Still Concert will bring money to organizations geared towards helping those victimized by this issue.

by Lauryn Hill


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