AJE Opsparc 2019

Our OPSPARC patch is a triangle, circle, and a diamond. We were going for an abstract design. The red trianglerepresents NASA, the blue circle represents earth, and the yllow diamond with stars represents space.Our team name is AJE. A for ari, J for Jessica, and E for emery. Ari's symbol is a text bubble because she is good at communicating. Jessica is a lightning bolt because shes the "techy" person in the group. Emery is a heart because she pulls everything together.

The picture of the phone is the digital camera, the picture of the beach is the pamaratic photography. The picture of the blue-tooth headset represents the wireless head set. Instead of having a wire with you while you listen to music you can use a wireless headset and get rid of the wires. The picture of the ear thermometer represents the infrared ear thermometer. Instead of putting something in your mouth to check you temperature you put in in your ear. The picture of the flat iron represents the Hair styling tools. The picture of the solar power speed meter represents harnessing solar power. We use the sunlight to harness power. The smoke alarm, is a carbon dioxide detector. Also the Curology bottle is skin cream.


How we can reduce the amount of trash in the ocean without harming any wildlife or part of the environment while keeping the machine 25% recyclable.


we took the tri-rotor aircraft and non-scanning 3D imager and combined them into one whole spin off. First we must attach the tri-rotor aircraft to the non-scanning 3D imager without messing up the tri-rotor aircraft. Then build a smaller model and have trash in a pool and practice on that. We'll use this t see how deep it can go to collect trash and how much trash it can hold. Right now there is about 15 million pounds of trash in the oceanand


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