Brewvita Marketing Strategy

Mission Statement

"Quality is our passion, community is our drive, and you are our inspiration."


"Brew Life, Through Life"
  • Millennials today want to have more things natural/organic
  • The idea is to spark an idea of nature in the product
  • Show the consumer that coffee just isn't a machine to wake you up, but instead that it's a natural bean grown from the ground
"For Students by Students"
  • One of our most important marketing goals is to separate us from the companies around campus and show our student lead personality

Brewvita will be selling 12 oz whole bean bags of our signature local roast in light, medium, and dark quality blends. K-cups be sold in all flavors for purchase and promotion. Roasted perfectly in the heart of Virginia and kept whole, not ground, in order to keep the freshness and flavor.

Bagged Coffee

  • Our Brewvita bagged coffee price to make is $9-9.50 ($0.75 per ounce)
  • We will sell retail for $13 - $14
  • Competitors (Dunkin Donuts $7.30, $0.61 per oz., Starbucks $7.87, $0.71 per oz.)
  • Student sensitive yet locally made with high quality beans


  • Individual K- cups of our Medium and Dark blends. They are perfect for the consumer who does not have time to grind and brew their own cup.
  • Brewvita's K-cup price would be .25 cents to make and about .75 cents to sell giving us a large profit margin
  • (Starbucks $0.79 per cup, Green Mt. $0.61 per cup, Donut Shop $0.56 per cup)
Go to market strategy


  • Our coffee is run by students on campus and is independent from Sodexo. Posters and flyers will communicate times and places to buy the coffee and build familiarity with our brand.
  • Our whole bean bagged coffee will be sold at a mobile booth that with approval will be located on campus in areas such as, Demoss, Vines Center (Convocation), the Student Union, Green Hall, Library, and Liberty special events.
  • Pop up banners
  • Pre-convo advertisement on the jumbo screen.
  • Business class announcement slide

Table Tastings

  • Tasting tables will be the main form of promotion
  • Tasting events will increase awareness, establish a place for our business and introduce the clear improvement in taste to other coffee businesses as well as lower prices. It will also serve as a way to get followers for our social media accounts
  • The Student Union, Vines Center before Convocation, The Vue, the artistry part of Green Hall are all valid locations to test the market for finding our target audience
  • 2-4 manning the table
  • Lights (Attention grabbing but not blinding)
  • Backdrop stating Brewvita's name and logo
  • Large sign "By Students for Students"
  • Volume (make use of our table space)
  • Single K cup giveaways for people who follow us on Instagram


  • Bella Canvas 100% cotton T-shirt
  • The T-shirts cost $9.75 to make if we buy 144 in bulk
  • Higher quality T-shirt means more people wear them and more often
  • Seeing fellow students wearing the t-shirt will bring strong brand recognition
  • Selling point is at $15 or free for a certain amount of coffee
Internet Marketing
The focus of all social media will be to emphasize the active, student-led personality of Brewvita.


  • Highly customizable, low-cost and high impact
  • Facebook Events
  • Product Updates
  • Facebook ads
  • The focus of our social media plan since Instagram currently has the most active following
  • Regular posts, as close to one a day as possible
  • Instagram stories
  • Giveaways
  • Repost followers fan pictures
  • Behind the scenes
  • Live updates on location
  • Build community
  • geotag can be advertised at mobile location
  • anything 190,000 sq ft and under + for 3 hours and under are $5.00
  • Example: all of Demoss Hall and Student Union for 3 hours is $5.00
Target Audience

Residential Students

  • Main target market
  • The “convenience customer” will favor K-cups. They are drawn to the high quality product at a fair price, and the student-run brand.
  • The “lux customer” will favor bagged coffee. They are attracted to the local, higher quality beans and distinctive, trendy brand.


  • Faculty want convenience, quality product at a fair price, and are more likely to buy bags to take home.
  • Affinity to buy products from a student run business

LU online

  • Future untapped audience
  • Want to feel connected to Liberty community, interested in high-quality product.
  • Large potential for coffee subscription.
Payment system
  • Square Reader Contactless with Chip Reader
  • 2.75% rate for using Square (regardless of method)
  • Contactless method for Apple pay and Android pay
  • Chip reader for secure card payment
  • Extra magstrip reader
  • Cash and change with lock box for storage
In Conclusion

Our go-to-market strategy can be seen as successful for a number of reasons

  1. Our bagged coffee has an agreeable price for a local high quality bean and yet maintains a good profit margin
  2. The k-cup is quick and appeals to all people who drink coffee, not just the people who brew their own
  3. The brand and table style is contemporary, which matches our young target audience
  4. Table tastings give a chance for us to actually enter the market, and see how students feel about Brewvita's taste and spread the brand through word of mouth
  5. The shirts are a soft, modern style and because of its attractive style, it will be worn around campus and build the brand
  6. Our social media presence will be consistent through all mediums and attract new customers while retaining past customers

When synchronized, Brewvita's Go-to-market strategy draws students to our brand, attracts students to purchase our product, our presence and coffee taste encourages customers to come back.


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