Africa Past-Present By: Bryce Wrightsman and Sarah Meyer

Land Use

The main way they use the land is substance farming. The problem that causes them terms of money is that they eat and grow what they plant and they do not sell.

Natural Resources

Some valuable mineral resources are gold and diamond. They have 50% of the worlds gold.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Problems in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the armed rebel groups have taken control of mines, and they bribed the government to stay out. The minerals they have are the three t's , Tin, Tantalum , and Tungsten.

GDP Per Capita

The 5 nations with the highest GDP Per Capita are Mauritius-12,800, South Africa- 11,100, Botswana- 9,200, Seychelles- 7,800, Namibia- 7,300.The number of Nations that have a GDP Per Capita is 15. The reasons why the nations with the 5 highest GDP Per Capita have higher ones than the countries under one thousand is , more natural resources, trade more, better education, better technology, highly skilled work force, better transportation, and better healthcare.

Life Expectancy

Of the 31 countries with the lowest life expectancy, there are 28 of them that are from Sub-Saharan Africa.A huge reason for this is HIV/AIDS . There are 23.8 million people that have HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa.

What were the three west african kingdoms?

The three West African Kingdoms are, The Kingdom of Ghana, The Kingdom Mali, and The Kingdom of Songhai. The years that these Kingdoms were in power was in 800 C.E - 1600 C.E

Which Trade Networks did the three west african Kingdoms participate in?

The trade network that the three kingdoms participate in is the Tran-Saharan.

What two COMMODITIES were traded, and who brought which item to the trade?

They were able to gain control over the Sahara and the Middle East trade commodities.

Why did North African Muslim tribes trade for African slaves?

The reason North African Muslim tribes traded for African slaves is because Muslims could not be enslaved.

What did Muslims and African slave traders primarily use slaves for?

Muslim and African slave traders primarily used slaves for war and the military.

How was the Muslim and African enslavement of Africans different from European enslavement of Africans?

The Muslim and African enslavement of Africans was different from European enslavement of Africans because with Muslim and African enslavement slaves could gain their freedom easier, could own land and could even own their own slaves. European enslavement , slaves were treated horribl

What was Mansa Musa the king of? How rich is he estimated to be?

Mansa Musa was the king of The Kingdom of Mali. Mansa Musa is estimated to be 400 billion rich.

Describe his famous hajj in the years 1324-1325 (also who he brought back and what they did to Timbuktu?

Mansa Musa famous hajj he took 60,000 people, 80 camels each carrying 300lb of gold. Mansa Musa brought back Muslim scholars at Timbuktu they studied mathematics, music, law, and literature.

What was the city of Timbuktu a center of?

Timbuktu was the center of Islamic Learning.

How old was Ibn Battuta when he began his travels? Which city and country did he set out from?

Ibn Battuta began his travels when he was 21. The city he set out from is Tangier, and the country he set out was Morocco.

How many miles did he travel over Africa and Asia? How many years did he spend exploring?

He traveled 75,000 miles over Africa and Asia. He spent 31 years exploring.

How old was Ibn Battuta when he began his travels? Which city and country did he set out from?


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