Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum by Christopher tunno

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Triangis Aerial Reflex - Melanie Smith

Seeing this piece in person allowed me to appreciate the finer details that are put into a work of art. When looking at this piece online or from a distance it appears to be a random combination of colors and shapes, however when looking up close in person, I was able to see all the fine lines and details that the artist captured. This allowed the piece to appear more realistic and in turn helped me better understand why she chose to display the work in the way that she did. By portraying the piece at this angle the artist was able to capture all of the aspects of the city and portray the value of it as a whole rather than in pieces. I found the technique of using an aerial view to be the most striking because it communicated a sense of diversity to me. From all of the different colors to shapes and sizes, the artist showed me that a city is really a conglomeration of unique and diverse factors. This allowed me to see that our world truly is a "melting pot" and when you put a blend of diverse aspects together the results are limitless. This piece made me feel happy to be a part of my own community and that being different can be a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Design of the Museum

Asian Wing Design

I found the Asian wing to be the most appealing and beautiful section of the entire museum. The fact that the whole back wall was a giant window allowed the wing to be very eye opening and it flooded the room with natural light. The sunlight reflecting on the artwork allowed me to see them in a different perspective. In my opinion, the natural light made the art appear more genuine and sentimental. In addition to this I really enjoyed the open floor plan of the wing. Having the artwork placed in a giant room made all of the individual characteristics of the different pieces really stand out. In addition to this, another factor that made me appreciate this part of the museum was the placement of the art. Having some of the pieces on the floor allowed me to experience and view art in a way I never have before. It was exciting to be able to see art in a way that was different than looking at a frame on the wall. The Asian wing made me feel excited to see the other parts of the museum and eager to learn about all the different way art can be portrayed.

Art and Core Values

Cuarteto Habanero (Quartet from Havana) - Cundo Bermudez

This piece of art encompasses the idea of freedom of expression which is a core value that I hold true to my everyday life. I have grown up with a passion for music and have always used it as a way to portray my feelings and escape from reality. In addition to this, the piece also reflects the concept of friendship and unity which are other core values that are important to me. Seeing this piece of art made me realize that my core values in life do not have to be separate entities but in fact can be fused together to bring a whole new light into the meaning of life. In addition to this, the four different instruments shown in the artwork allowed me to see that freedom of expression can mean something different to everyone and that each individual can express themselves in their own unique way. This piece filled me with joy and passion and I am extremely thankful that I got to see this piece in person. I believe everyone should express themselves and let their emotions and qualities shine. This piece made me appreciate my core values more and allowed me to better understand just how thankful I am for being able to express myself freely.

Art and the Good Life

Sheep Wranglers - Justine Kurland

This piece of art depicts nature, friendship, simplicity, and bliss which are all factors that I think are needed to truly live a good life. A major theme that I believe this piece holds is achieving the life that I want through the aspects that are important to me. Ever since I was little I have always had a strong appreciation for nature and the simpler things in life. Just like the girls in this piece I enjoy being in nature and surrounding myself with friends. This artwork shows me that I do not need fancy and material things in life to be happy but to surround myself with things that I enjoy. Following this, the scenery and nature in this artwork really make my appreciation for the world around me so much greater. I one day hope to live near a place as beautiful as this field, as nature is something that brings a smile to my face. Seeing this piece reminds me that life is too short to constantly stress and that sometimes I need to slow down and just appreciate life in the moment. If I surround myself with the things that matter to me most then a good life is just beyond the horizon.


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