A day of Lizbeth Cuzco by jacqueline ortega

Checking her photos, senior Lizbeth makes sure that she has the photos that are needed for her independent study. During the time that was given to finish their paper, she worked on her photos. “ I was just looking for any errors that I had, “ said Cuzco.
Writing her article, Cuzco finish completes her article in her yearbook class. Within the process of finishing it, Liz was confused on uploading it. “ How do I upload my article online, " senior Lizbeth said .
Editing her article, She notices that she still has a few errors when looking at the preview. When editing her article, she makes sure that everything looks good without no errors. “ I needed to keep reading it and find out any mistakes before I submit it. " said Lizbeth
During the lecture, Lizbeth pays attention to the things that interest her the most. while the lecture was going on, the photos that the speaker showed got her attention because it related to his story that they were telling.
In the start of class, Lizbeth was focusing on the things that Mr.Hanley was saying that applied to her. While Mr.Hanley was talking Liz would take notes.
Towards the end of class, Lizbeth was concerned about her article. She asked Mr.Hanley if he could check if everything was correct.

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