Roll of Thunder By : katherine Salas


There were many things and african American couldn't do in their daily lives and voting was in of them.while the average person only had to be a citizen to vote African Americans faced many obstacles just to get a sings ballot in . The man would have to take a test to determine whether or not he was smart enough to vote . This was a very big struggle because African Americans grew up with fatal education . If he passes the test he must pay a fine to vote .if the man didn't struggle financially he must now find transportation to lead him to the office to put in his ballot even he succeeds to reach the office he may or not be declined by the Sheriff


The parks were unfair during the times of th Jim Crow laws . Kids were assigned drinking fountains . For example if there were two drinking goituand they would be labeled white , black , or colored . Benches were also had to be given up if a white man , woman , or child wanted to sit on one .This may have effected the joy of going to the park with all the signs for assigned things and activities

The book Roll of thunder takes place during the great depression . The Great Depression was a period time in the 1920's where the stock market crashed. Many families at the time where left homeless or without a job. One fourth of the people lost their jobs during the Great depression . Since people were out of job this affected many things that made entirely everyone in the community suffer . The Great depression lasted for almost a decade , but during those are time our country learned "a lesson".
  • Abolishment of Slavery
  • In 1865 2 years after Abraham Lincoln gave his speech slavery ended . This meant no white man could buy or sell an African - American as a slave. This affected some white people in the United states because some people made their money off of slaves and their work. The end of slavery didn't affect African-Americans the same it affected white people because the African American people were finally free. Two years before the end of slavery President Lincoln gave a speech and he said " And I hereby call upon the people so declare to be free to abstain from all violence , unless in necessary self defense and i recommend to them that in all cases when allowed they labor faithfully for reasonable wage.""Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." -The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.


During the years of the Jim Crow laws if an African American broke a law they would be lynched. Lynching meant to be killed without trial . This usually mean the person would be hung.In the book Roll of Thunder T.J tells how he heard a boy was being lynched in a town called Cross-ton. " These folks getting' so bad in here. Heard tell they Lynched a boy a few days ago at Cross ton.

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Katherine Salas


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