Norwalk Jucers A Blast from the Past.

Direct Descendents of the Original Hydraulic Press Juicers First Designed by Dr. Norman W. Walker in 1934.


Manufactured by:


Only a handful of Norwalk Junior Models were built. This was Dr. Walkers first attempt at producing a smaller machine with a sealed hydraulic system. It was many years later before smaller, sealed units were put into production.

Norwalk Junior

Norwalk Laboratory

Norwalk Junior / Norwalk Juicers Model 290

Norwalk Junior vs Norwalk Model 290

Model 202

Model 202
Extracts Juice Completely

The Norwalk Model 202 was available from 1952, as a dual model. The Model No. 202 Triturator and the Model No. 202 Press. The 202 Triturator measured 16”x15”x11”. Crated weight, 50 pounds. Uncrated weight, 34 pounds. The 202 Press measured 34”x17”x16”. Crated weight, 180 pounds. Uncrated weight, 145 pounds. Both models were equipped with ½ H.P. motor, 110 volts, 60 cycles A.C. Model No. 202 capacity rated at six gallons, (24 Quarts) of juice per hour. Machine capacities rated for continuous operation.

Model 401

Model 401

This production Model 401 was sold in 1951 to a customer in New York.

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Dr. Norman Walker
I can truthfully say that I am never conscious of my age. Since I reached maturity I have never been aware of being any older, and I can say, without equivocation or mental reservation, that I feel more alive, alert, and full of enthusiasm today than when I did when I was 30 years old. I still feel that my best years are ahead of me. I never think of birthdays, nor do I celebrate them. Today I can truthfully say that I am enjoying vibrant health, I don’t mind telling people how old I am: I AM AGELESS!” — NORMAN W. WALKER, D.SC., PH.D. VIBRANT HEALTH

Juice...for Life.

Since 1934


Norwalk Juicers, Model 290


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