COM60203 - 0321534 STOP MOTION - 60 PHOTOS


The Midas Touch: Turning things to gold.

(ALL 60 PHOTOS) ISO: 200 | Aperture: 5.0 | Shutter Speed: 1/30

"The Midas Touch" is inspired by the phenomena of Malaysian economic downfall in recent years. In such tense situation where even meeting ends needs could be a problem or pressure to most individuals and families, how we wish we could turn things into gold in split-second. Just. Like. That.

The ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings are maintained throughout the entire shooting process in order to ensure consistency. I used artificial lights to maintain the scene's brightness, so lighting was not an issue. The challenges in completing this activity are preparing the shooting materials, changing one thing at a time while keeping the rest of the set still, practicing how to focus the subjects properly; and most importantly, is having to plan and manage the shots well so that I have enough useful shots, and that I don't capture too many extra shots (that will eventually be a hassle for me to filter and choose the best out of them).

Created By
Vivien Ngai ShiMei


Created with images by digitalmoneyworld - "Crowne-Bars"

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