Photosynthesis & cellular respiration By: Hunter Clark


Photosynthesis: a process in which creates energy/glucose by; 1. Using sunlight from the sun, water from the ground, and CO2 from the air, the plant takes these substances in 2. These substances then break down into different molecules 3. The plant creates O2 and energy.

1. Photosynthesis
2. Photosynthesis
3. Photosynthesis

What does that say?⬆️?


Respiration: is a process in which both animals and plants take in energy and oxygen and they put off water sugar CO2. It's like when you breath in and out, you breath in O2 and breath out CO2.


Other definitions

Light Energy:

Water: H2O, which is a source of food for a plant in which takes it out of the ground and through the roots

Carbon Dioxide: Is a gas that we put off during respiration

Stoma: it's what captures the sinligh in the leaves and it also captures CO2

Chloroplasts: Are the food producers in a plant that create Glucose and O2

Chlorophyll: is a green pigment in the plant which gives the plant its color

Glucose: is a source of energy for a plant

CO2: Carbon dioxide

H2O: Water

C6H12O6:Carbon 6, Hydrogen 12, Oxygen 6

O2: Oxygen

Stored Energy/ATP:

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