Counting Frenzy By madison Dragonas


In this Webquest the Common Core Standard CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.CC.A.1 will be covered. It will teach students how to count from 0-100, as well as to 100 by tens.


Throughout this Webquest students will learn to count to 100 not only by ones, but also by tens. They will be watching two videos, reading material, and playing up to two games at the end. Lastly, they will bring their favorite food into class, something small, and we will use that to help them count to 100 by ones and tens.


1. Students will start by finding a partner, and counting to 100 with their partner. This will give me the chance to see what students are strong at counting to 100, and which are struggling.

2. Then, the students will watch a video that will showcase getting up and moving around, while counting to 100.

3. Next, the students will watch another video that will help calm them back down, after getting up and moving around for the first song.

4. Lastly, the students will watch a video that will "Climb a Mountain" by counting to 100 by 10s. This video is a very interactive video and showcases how to count to 100 by tens. It will get the students involved, as well as have fun while counting to 100 by tens.

5. Lastly, I will have the students that were stronger in counting to 100 play this first game. In this first game, they will have to pop the bubbles in the order they would be on a number line. The game normally has three numbers already popped. For example, if a 5 is already popped, the student will have to wait for the 4 to go in front of the 5 to pop it. If they pop the 4 after the 5 it will not shut the treasure chest, if they pop the 4 in front of the 5 the treasure chest will shut, telling the students that they have the number in the right order. This game will help the students to recognize where the numbers go, and in what order on a number line. Once the students pop the bubbles in the correct number order, they will then have numbers 0-9 out and have to pop them in order for a time. All of the bubbles will be floating on the screen and the students will have to pop them in the order of 0-9. Then, the game moves onto 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-100.

6. This last game will be for the students who were struggling more with counting to 100. It is an easy game to play, than the first game because they have them place the numbers in order by themselves instead while they are moving. These numbers stay still while in the other game they are moving and the students must be fast enough to recognize where they go. In this game the students will be dragging the number in the order it goes. For instance, they choose the beginner mode, and from there they will chose 1-100. From there, they have a number line in front of them with two numbers below. The student will drag the number to where it goes on the number line and continue doing that throughout the game until it is complete.

Lastly, I would like the students to use the link below and choose an activity to play at home with their parents. There are multiple options from clothespin counting, to counting cups, or even things in the backyard. You must complete one activity and bring it back to class the next day to get the points for this Webquest.


In conclusion, students that use this Webquest correctly will be able to count to 100 not only by ones, but also by tens effectively. I have provided additional sources that students can go to, or can take home to their parents for more activities to play to strengthen their number counting.


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