Learning from experience Carson OChoa

Jem's experiences

Pocket Watch

The pocket watch portrays the life lesson to always be grateful for everything in your life even if it doesn't make sense at the time. Jem learns this when he finds the watch in the tree though broken he cherishes it and starts to carry it around. Later on he figures out that it was a gesture of kindness from Boo Radley.

Ripped Jeans

The ripped jeans show the life lesson that everything will be alright in the end ,so if it's not alright its not the end. Jem realizes this when he loses his pants dashing out of the Radley lot and finds them stitched draping over the fence. Jem thought he was going to get in so much trouble for going onto the Radley lot but got covered by a friend he didn't even know he had.

The Radley Tree

The Radley tree demonstrates the lesson of sometimes your efforts are better to go noticed and not taken credit for . Jem figures this out when he finally notices who is leaving all the gifts in the tree ,Boo Radley, that he is recieving. Jem has to keep quite about it -Boo's brother is and extreme baptist that believe anything that causes pleasure is a sin. Nathan Radley could consider this a sin because Boo is contacting the outside world in a way.

The Pellet gun

The pellet gun brings out the learn the past will always come out no matter how hard you try to hold it. Jem figures this out when his "boring " father Atticus has to shoot a mad dog and has excellent shooting skills. Atticus tried so hard to not reveal that he was the best shot in Maycomb to his children but couldn't.


The football represents the life lesson to be learned that anything is possible if you set your mind to it even if it's with small beginnings. This is shown by Jem trying to bulk up to be able to play by next year eating a great deal of bananas. This is just the first step of many for Jem to get some playing time and maybe even run the ball.

My experiences

Wrestling Mat

A wrestling mat represents the life lesson of to never give up on your dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem.I learned this lesson at regionals . This lesson was brought to my attention when i got put on my back during the match to go to state or not and ended up throwing him off me and pinning him . This fulfilled my dreams of going to state as a freshman.


A pen represents the life lesson that you are your own author to you life story. I learned this during my freshman year when i was asked to go out to a party and said no because i had homework and a wrestling tournament the next day. I chose not to let others determine what I do -at the end of the day I did what was right.


A quarter represents the life lesson of that the love of money is the root to corruption . I learned that this year when my dad chose to make more money ultimately causing him to sacrifice time with his only son. This made me value money less and family more

A Judges Gavel

A judges gavel demonstrates the life lesson of people make sacrifices of in order to get into a better position in life. I learned this when I went through the legal system and the courts to live full time with my mom this last November. I'm so much happier now ....I don't have to reach out anymore to be noticed because my mom will never put anyone else in front of her kids like my dad did.

Colored pencils

Colored pencils represent the life lesson the world is a place full of colorful things but when using the right colors it can become a dark and horrifying place fast. I learned this lesson this year when i had a friend with what I thought was average family get beaten by her mother then was put into a foster family . I realize that the "perfect families" have underlying problems that no one notices. I have since then made sure to not jump to conclusions and really consider everything my friends . This will make it easier to help get my friends through the rough patches they are going through.


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