I Am Prepared And Ready

- By allowing me to take several AP classes while also being involved in other clubs and sports. JP2 has taught me how to manage my time studying while also playing football. I am a member of NHS and student council. Student council requires that I maintain a 3.6 GPA so I had to be able to keep goo grades, study, meet with clubs, watch film, and I had practice. Sometimes we had to practice twice a day where I had to wake up early and stay at school late. Student council requires most of my time so I had to really work hard to keep my grades up. AP Gov was the class I had the most work in. I had to read and take a lot of notes because the material was really hard and I did not want to fail. JP2 has taught me how to work hard and manage my time. Now I am prepared for college, I even hear that the work load is less than JP2. - Jack Doyle

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