dRAGONS By Jordan Page


2011 | Rock

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"Dragons covering the world, we stand in the shadows of wings unfurled. -- The bodies of fragile men collide, but the transformation begins inside."


  • Jordan was a musical fixture during the Ron Paul revolution sharing stages with Dr. Paul more than once.
  • Page has championed many freedom causes ranging from anti-war initiatives to gun rights, medical cannabis freedom & Bitcoin.
  • As of the time of this writing, the track on youtube is listed as public attribution, so staying with principle and anti-IP.


Luke Tatum

This song makes my hair stand on end, in the best possible way. The closing line is the clue: "The bodies of fragile men collide, but he transformation begins inside." Why is the world constantly engulfed in war? There are many proximate causes, but if you follow the red thread of fate far enough, it will ultimately lead to yourself. The individual decisions of every man and woman are what yield us the bloody recklessness of human existence. Allowing ourselves to become weak means building a place for the worst parts of us to thrive. Don't become a dragon. Become a light strong enough to make dragons cower.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is a testament to the power of music to transform narratives into moving, and vivid works that engrave the imagery on your mind. “Dragons covering the world, We stand in the shadow of wings unfurled” There are dragons covering the world. People of power who desire to rule, and do so by manipulating circumstances in rooms we will never set eyes on. Clearly based on the Bible’s book of revelation, it seems that another biblical reference is fitting as means of escape from the dragon. “Ye are the lights of the world.” The message of liberty is a light that helps people escape and free their minds from the fear that the dragons use to manipulate and control.

Nicky P

Sherry points out the song’s biblical references, here I thought Jordan was just a really big fan of that Mathew Mcconaghey movie Reign Of Fire. All kidding aside, it’s easy to see how some Christians can get up in arms about the end of days when we start making connections like this. The song paints a convincing portrait of how the personal weakness of individual humans can quickly become the steel dragons of war. Personally I was drawn to libertarianism for the self-help-iness of it. The emphasis on getting right & doing right by yourself forces you to pay attention to longterm consequences of your actions on both your self and others. Paying attention to your own place in the world allows you to be a better part of it.

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Nicky P

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