Track & Field and Olympic greatest players Ashlyn Aberson

Track & Field Basics

  • events usually happen outdoors and rarely indoors
  • Official record has to be set outdoors
  • IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) (gov of Track)
  • start at the fire of the gun
  • run the amount that they pick
  • track size can be different indoor than outdoor

Usian Bolt

  • parents owned small town grocery store
  • born Aug. 21, 1986 Sherwood Content Jamaca
  • entered 3 events in 2008
  • events:100 & 200 meters and 400 meter relay with three teamates
  • won gold metals in all three
  • also helped set new records in all three

Jessie Owens

  • nickname is Jessie Owens
  • real name is James Cleveland Owens
  • Born Sep. 10 1993 oakvill Alabama
  • youngest child of ten
  • parents Henery and Emma owens
  • 6 brothers 3 sisters

Brothers and sisters of Jessie Owens

  • sisters: Ida Josie LIllie phire
  • brohters: Johnson Henery Ernest Quincey and silvester and Florience

Jessie Owens Picture

Jessie Owens Coach

  • Charles Riley
  • Set up training sesions
  • even though he was too young for school track
  • because of speed coach knew he would jump
  • Jessies father broke leg Jessie pushed harder

Wilma Rudolf

  • hall of fame in 1924 (National Track and Field hall of fame)
  • Died of brain cancer Nov. 12 1994
  • (International hall of fame )in 1980
  • (U.S Olympic Hall of fame )in 1983
  • was a star Basketball athlete

Wilma Foundations

  • operation Champion to provide children and teenagers in these nations largest ghetoes with sports training from star athletes
  • founded the Wilma Rudolf foundation to promote a,amateur athletes and to encourage TO overcome obstacles
  • 1948 when allowed to enter races

Wilma Rudolf's hard times

  • born in shack in backwoods of Tennessee
  • Born 2 months early
  • when 4 struck with scarlet feaver

Wilma Rudolf hard times

  • Family dealt with segregation
  • 1 black docter that treated all black people
  • white patient=white docter black patient=black docter
  • twice a week went to Nashville for treatments (1 hour drive)
  • continued to excercise leg


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