Americas' Christian Roots By Nicholas AsburY, dawson pate, michael ruiz

The 104th Psalms by John Adams

John Quincy Adams wrote a letter to his wife based on the book of psalms. This is important because by using the Bible to write to his wife he was most likely influenced by it. It also shows his beliefs in God and the importance of God in his life.

President Lincolns letter

In this letter president Lincoln says it is the governments duty to protect their citizens god given rights. Not to discriminate against anyone because of their skin color but treat them as equals.

The American Bible Society

The American bible society was the first national bible study group founded in 1816. It included members from every branch in the government and signers of the US constitution. This shows that many people in the government were Christians and included there beliefs in the creation and management of our country.

Sermon of the battle of Lexington

Jonas Clark was a pastor who graduated from the university of Harvard and lived in Lexington. When the British were marching toward the city he gave a sermon Samuel Adams was staying with him during this event. Samuel Adams was one of the founding fathers and most likely was influenced by his beliefs when helping create the constitution.

George Washingtons funeral

Peter thatch was a minister who graduated from Harvard and gave the sermon when George Washington died. He was also chaplain for the legislative branch for 15 years. This proves that our government was founded on Christian beliefs because there were chaplains in the branches of our government.

The Christian patriot

Rev. Mellish Irving Motte was a Harvard graduate and a pastor who encouraged Christians to engage in there community and also in the political world. He said that politicians acted out of self interest and greed. He believed that politics would benefit from religious morals.

Benjamin Franklins letter

In his letter to Thomas Paine he discusses religion. Thomas Paine often advised Benjamin franklin on political topics. He probably gave advice to him from a Christian perspective.

Historical Address of 1835

This was written by Edward Everett who was americas first phd and a professor at Harvard. He talks about the martyrs who fought for independence and religious freedom. He was also the governor of Massachusetts and was the most celebrated orator in the nineteenth century.

The dissertation of 1804

This document was written by Simon Backus. It detailed the importance of the government to interpose religion into politics. He believed that government should be held to certain virtues and morals.

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