Bella By: Emily Hogan

I finally got my first puppy in July of 2011. I met the lady in Cameron, MO and she had two females left. When the lady opened the back door of the car and opened the cage immediately Bella jumped out of the cage into my arms, I knew in that instant she was my baby.
Bella weighed half a pound and looked like a little bunny rabbit. When I put her down on the floor for the first time she could barely walk she would take a few steps then flop over.
We also had another dog at the time we got Bella her name was Ginger. She was my brothers dog and very territorial so we were a little concerned on how she would take to a new dog in the house.
Lets just say at first they didn't get along so well. Bella just had too much energy for Ginger.
The older Bella got her and Ginger became very close and wouldn't leave each other for anything.

Me and my girls

She loves to be outdoors the only way she will come in if she heres her the word "TREAT" or hears the lid of the treat jar..
She loves her nap time.
We always got to have our selfies.

Bella is my whole world I have no idea what I would do without her. I have never seen a dog with such a big personality until I met her! As my mom says, " she is just like her momma!"

Created By
Emily Hogan


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