robert capa war photo by kayla washington

Robert capa was born in 1913 on October 22, and his real name is robert capa he is sadly not here today he died on may 25 ,1954

picture taken world war 2

capa style of photography war war he actually took pictures of world war 2

the type of composition capa used was close ups and people / like dead bodys and people that were hurt from war

Capa worked for Dephot, a German picture agency, before establishing himself in Paris

robert capa used a combat camera with an 50mm lens he like his camera not so big so he could take picture of war and not have to carry such a big camera

robert capa lighting technique for his pictures weren't really showen because all of his pictures were taken in black and white

instering story about Robert Capa is he always wanted to be a photographer infact the way he became one was kind of luck because i read one article and it says Robert Capa was on a project writing a report in japan and i guess the photographer that was taking picture of the war had gotten killed because he stepped on a land mine so they asked Capa to fill in.

i very much do love capas work because i love how he could show what happen in the war even if you werent there you can see what happend in his photos and i picked this photographer because i thought it would be interesting to learn about a photographer who took pictures of war and how he even got to be in that kind of work


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