mckayliee Robinson thunderbowl By: Lesley Choyce

STopic is: About a group of kids that get together to form a band. Chapter 1 talked about a band that are a group of kids that are trying form a band. There are kids that stole things for money. The band got this kid in trouble his name id Drek. Also Drek is the one that drinks and likes to get into a lot of fights and now the people don't trust drek at all. Chpater 2 talked about they are bringing in lights to the doorway for school they seem things on some kids. Al is making ugly threats with his fist and they are at school and derk was cracking his knuckles then Richie heard about the band and they had the funniest day. Stewy had to stop the fight. In my book thunder-bowl it also talks about there is a group of people and they where doing bad things and had to go perform and that failed because they people where not clapping and Germ it passed his bedtime anttd he did not how he was getting to school the next day . So they will have to be nice to this kid so they have a gig then this girl comes up and tells them she liked their music and then she says i think you blew them away then he takes different guys she has been with. In this book it also talks about his dad told him to quit the band but then he said he would bring his grades up so they were going to let him try that and then things got a little crazy and then stuff happened then he started to doing math work and Suzanne blow him a kiss then Stewy rolled up his sleeves and flexed his tattoos then Richie gave me one final dirty look because of the germ-brain. Also in thunder-bowl Drek was acting like if he was the mastermind of the whole thing and if things go good they where going to record a beach house in Malibu and he laid his report on the table then he had to eat and his parents look death squad.He could hear his parents downstairs talking his school problems then he bought them a house and his dad had to say he was wrong about music. Langford sounded disappointed because he would not try to talk to Mrs. Langford. In this book it also talks about the dog started a fight at the dungeon on purpose because that was the only way they could get back the gig back Then Richie was discussion with my parents they where outside the bar trying to find the strength to Al van then Richie had to go to the hospital because she knocked in the month and she said she good taste her won sweet blood. Then in my book i read it talked about how The tooth cam out as the doctor said it would. His grades are bad because he keeps falling asleep in like almost every class that is why his dad does not want him in the band. He was thinking about quitting school because he keep falling asleep in school because he would stay up all night because he was in the band he when he got home he could not just go straight to bed. Then they said that summer was coming soon and he would not have to worry about school at all and they are telling him to hang in there because he does not want to be in school longer then he is now. also in this book it talks about he decides to quit school and play in the band then Suzanne went back to her drink then went up on stage. They did not know Suzanne was a hotshot driver. then they thought they wouldn't see Suzanne again. and then they said their playing was not good because they hit the wrong chords in the middle of "ugly intruder.'Bull forgot a girl get into the music. then Germ said stop daydreaming. Richie hissed."he ain't allowed to play here because he lied to you then Stwey looked straight at me and shook his head. then their was a fight between all of them just because one person lied to them. then at the end of that this chapter Stewy scooped up the beer glasses off the table and walked away. then Richie gave me one final dirty look. it's not over game-brain. my fathers face was going through all the colors of the rainbow. He is looking for a full time job then Jeremy does not want him in the band because he is failing behind in school.


  • Jeremy's: lies about his age when his band gets a job playing at a club
  • Stewy: Lifting his bucket of Tools and then grabbing a Saw and cutting through a plank
  • Suzanne: was the hotshot driver
  • Richie:girl and they start to have a thing then Jeremy gets into a fight with Richie and Richie knocks out his front tooth
  • Dungeon:the start and did not try to achieve a balance between

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