Teacher Leader Corps the finale

May 5, 2017 ~ 8:30- 3:00, The McKimmon Center

This year, a select group of teachers who have been a part of the TLC program since its inception have worked in teams to extend their learning in inquiry-based professional learning projects. They began their journey together this year at ITLMS’s Convergence, and have worked over the course of five days this year to research and study a topic of their choosing for the purpose of honing their craft and sharing what they have learned with others in the district. On Friday, May 5th, they will be presenting in concurrent sessions, and we would be honored if you came to share in their learning. You will find the schedule and the projects being presented below.

Schedule for the Day:

All final projects are housed in our Canvas course (called "TLC 2016-17"). It is searchable within Canvas, and you can self-enroll.

Concurrent Session #1


  • Group 1- Standards Based Grading at the Secondary Level
  • Group 2- 4Cs: Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Group 3- Adding the 4Cs to Amplify Student Learning
  • Group 4- Developing Elementary PBLs
  • Group 5- Overview of PBL is & how to implement
  • Group 6- How to do a 20-Time Project
  • Group 7- Clueless to Coding website offering resources, ideas and guidance for K-5 teachers

Concurrent Session #2


  • Group 8- PBL across all grade levels with authentic learning
  • Group 9- 4C toolkit for "new to 4C" teachers
  • Group 10- Unpacking the Standards
  • Group 11- Encouraging participation of elementary students in 4C activities.
  • Group 12- How to incorporate 4C's into the classroom & supporting research
  • Group 13- A PBL Toolkit for Grades K-5
  • Group 14- 4Cs Interactive Website for Facilitators and Learners

Concurrent Session #3


  • Group 15- Cross-Curricular PBL Template & 8th grade example
  • Group 16- PBL Units for K-5 for a school-wide culminating economics unit
  • Group 17- PBL Survival Guide Website for Teachers
  • Group 18- PBL using backward design
  • Group 19- Implementing the 4C's in lesson plans
  • Group 20- PBL-It's Not Hard! A starter guide to PBL

We hope to see you on the 5th!


All photos from 2016-17 WCPSS TLC events.

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