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Our methodology is to critically and clinically evaluate performances, identify breakdowns and create breakthroughs.

Who are we?

  • A bespoke and flexible consultancy
  • Authentic real people who love what we do
  • Results driven through value delivered

Our Services

Whilst the fundamental business principle of exchanging goods or service for profit has remained unchanged for thousands of years, the landscape in which business operates has remained anything but static.

With the rate of change accelerating across the technological, political, environmental, socioeconomic environments as well, the current business manager is substantially busier than his counterpart of 100 years ago.

With so much market complexity, what determines organisational success? It’s simply the ability to rapidly analyse, understand, focus on and execute the right strategies at the right time.

This is where Think H excels.

At Think H, we work with our clients to develop and implement targeted strategic solutions that effectively address all areas of their value chain, bringing together experience and best practice to deliver tangible results.

Strategic focus areas are:

1. Marketing:

  • Provide a plethora of strategic marketing services
  • Develop create unique strategies that are unique to your brand or service
  • We take a walk with you on your growth strategy developing your marketing strategy to go hand in hand with your organisational objectives

What's our process?

Craft It

We listen to you. By gaining insights into your needs, goals and dreams of your business, we are able to dive into your story. Our goal here at ThinkH is to understand who you are right now and what you want your business to become.

We get to grips with the core or your business unlocking the truths, trends and consumer needs, ensuring a well told story. One with a voice that reaches your audience with impact.

Customising a strategy to suit your needs. We have heard you. We are envisioning your dreams and we begin working on the right mix of marketing ingredients making your strategy a living reality.

This is where the magic begins to happen and our strategic marketing takes off!

Tell it

We creatively converse to your audience by engaging them in your story in a compelling way. We look forward to making you noticeable. We are on your journey with you to guide and encourage.

Next, we evaluate what's working and what is not throughout the marketing process and not just a campaign. We tweak and we adjust to make your small business as successful as it can be.

And then......

We do it again... We know that marketing strategy needs to be a continuum. So we make this evaluation and re-strategising part of our process. We just keep making it better.

Live It

Think H are here to ensure your business success. Living your mission we can create your amazing story, we can then help you deliver that message to your consumers.

2. Procurement:

Indirect spend exhibits the next frontier of increased optimisation of efficiency and cost control.

Even a 5% reduction in this spend area can deliver an impact to your bottom line between 1- 3%!

Here at Think H, we believe it really boils down to a basic four key areas (I make it sound simple):

  • Classification and detailed analysis of historical data.
  • Identifying and unlocking those illusive saving opportunities
  • Development of strategic sourcing plans for the short and long term
  • Implement

3. Sales:

We are true believers that without an effective system your true potential is just not realised.

ThinkH will design the right Sales Process for you, help you implement it and develop and support effective Sales behaviour and tools. Delivering measurable ROI. The end result is really not the end but merely a product of the Sales System you have in place. Let’s face it this System hinges on the quality and actions taken towards your customers

4. Support Systems:

Our philosophy at Think H is not to replace your current infrastructure or partners, but rather to act in unison to complement them. Our business minded approach ensures that everything we do is focused on enhancing the flow of information between your staff and your customers.

Whether it’s a cloud backup system, document management system or enhanced communication with your customers and sales force, Think H will provide you with the competitive edge. We believe in using readily available technologies leading to a reduction in costs and enhance security and support, merging these with your current processes to deliver bespoke solutions fulfilling client specific needs. And ultimately in the most important place of all. Your bottom line.


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