Photoshop By Mikaela

"Mothers love "

Crop tool and image resize was used

"Posterized woman"

"Three Glowing Globes"

I Reordered the layers and moved the globes and added an outer glow on all three globes according to their color

"Level Skills"

I created a new fill or adjustment layer and used the levels layer, then adjusted the flower to my liking

"Sunset Clipped"

There were many layers and I had to merge them and change the opacity of the word sunset and changed the color of the words.

"Green dress

I duplicated the background layer, and then used the hue/saturation layer and changed the color of her dress and hat.

"Colorize skills"

I duplicated the background layer, then i created the a new layer called color fill and filled in with one color , then i added another layer and changed the color of his shirt with the brush tool.


I used the cloning tool and cloned out the flying birds by pressing alt and clicking the background close to the birds and brushing over it still using the cloning tool.

"Sign Up"

On this poster I selected parts of the background light blue and dark blue and saved them as save selection then I loaded them and then liquefied the background. Then made multiple layers were made with the different types of text.


In this image I used the liquefy tool. I went to filter then liquefy then I messed around with the background and making his nose and arms larger.

"Ingredients to Success"

"Whiting teeth"

I have used the hue and saturation adjustment layer then I masked both the boy and girl giving me three layers.

Perfect poster design tips

1.) Make it easy to read form a distance!

2.)Consider size and location

"Five attitudes that are important in the work place"

1.) Respectfulness

2.) Pridefulness




"Movie poster"

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