The Gift A timeless struggle between dreams and passion

By Casi McLean

Savanna Bradford's impulsive reaction to her boyfriend's proposal spirals her into a rendezvous with fate and a mystical gift that could alter her future. Will the timeless struggle between dreams and passion bait her into repeating history, or will a simple gift from her bizarre encounter steer Savannah toward her true destiny before it's too late?

The Gift Judge's Review:

At first the story reels you into what appears to be a formula romance. Then it turns the genre on its head, throwing a perfectly aimed, delightful curveball at the surprising, satisfying ending. The writer doesn't rush her story, letting the reader see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of one fateful night. Casi McLean's romantic suspense mysteries are ethereal, supernatural, romantic, and heartwarming all rolled into one, then sprinkled with a touch of magic.

Your Destiny Awaits

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When she hung up the phone, Savy poured herself a glass of wine, connected her cell to the docking station and played some romantic music before wandering into the kitchen to see what Ryan had prepared. Glancing into the laundry room on her way to the fridge, she noticed a pile of clean clothes on top of the washer. On impulse, she set her wine on the table, folded the garments then carried them into the bedroom to put them away.

It wasn't until she opened the closet to hang Ryan's shirts that her curiosity got the best of her. A bright red Christmas bag caught her eye. Like a six-year-old, she grabbed the bag to peek inside. That's when she saw it. There was no disguising the turquoise-blue Tiffany & Co. bag. Her heart pounding, she reached inside, pulled out a tiny turquoise box, opened it . . . and couldn't breathe. Ryan's Christmas gifts included an engagement ring. Savy's thoughts hurled into panic mode. She loved Ryan with all her heart . . . but marriage . . . now . . . what about London?

She wanted––needed to talk to him, tell him about her incredible promotion, but she couldn't. Not after what she found in his closet. If Ryan hadn't been running late, they would have shared a beautiful romantic evening together while Savannah remained in blissful ignorance––or maybe not. Perhaps he planned to give her the ring that night. After all, it was Christmas Eve, the perfect moment to––she would have been blind-sided. Savy acted on impulse again. She replaced the gift in its hiding place, grabbed her coat and phone, then left. No note. No warning. She simply got in her Acura and headed toward the solace of her little RV at the lake.

On an ordinary night, Savy could drive to her property with rote precision, but not tonight. Scant vehicles, few and far between, left tracks in the snow signposting the twists and turns of the narrow highway beneath. Snowflakes spun swirling endlessly to-and-fro reflecting off her headlights. She gripped the steering wheel tighter and glared through the windshield, hoping to see more clearly. The tracks ahead skidded off to the right, but by the time she saw them it was too late. Her car hit an ice patch, smooth and deadly. She slammed on the brakes...

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Casi McLean

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