Babe and Me book review by caleb,mms

Crack! The ball hit the bat as Babe Ruth swings his bat. Have you ever wanted to meet your idol? Well in this book Joe Stoshack did by touching baseball cards of the player he wants to go to.

In Babe and Me, by Dan Gutman, Joe and his Dad wanted to go to get Babe Ruth to sign a lot of baseball cards to sell. But they can’t find Babe Ruth. So they call people around him to find where he lives. Then Joe and his Dad time travel back to sell all the baseball cards and baseballs and saves his dad from going bankrupt.

My favorite part is when Babe plays baseball and I have a connection. It makes me feel like Babe Ruth when he is up to bat.

It helps me understand the rules a little bit. I think the detailed words are the greatest value of the book because on almost every single page there are detailed words. The detailed words explain the book and hooks me to read more.

If you like baseball I think this book will be really good to read.


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