Common Health Concerns for Asian Americans

Our Goal: Spread awareness of chronic health concerns of the Asian American population. Bring recognition to the importance of health screenings. Though there is a scarcity of data disaggreated by ethnic subgroups, there are some key statistics to note of the population as a whole.


  • Asian-Americans are the only population with cancer as the leading cause of mortality.
  • Lowest rates of preventative testing.
  • Migrant women increase risk of breast cancer to 80% in as little as a decade after coming to the United States.
  • Highest rates of liver and stomach cancer.
  • Nearly 3 times more likely to develop liver cancer than non-Hispanic whites.


  • Among Asians age 18 and older, 1.8 % has had a stroke and 16.1% have hypertension.
  • Higher mortality rates of hemorrhagic stroke for men and women compared to non-Hispanic whites.
  • Most causative factor: hypertension (high blood pressure).

Heart Disease

  • Among Asians age 18 and older, 5.6 % have heart disease, 3.8 % have congenital heart disease.
  • Rise in deaths related to heart disease from 2003-2010, whereas non-Hispanic whites has had a decline in heart disease death rates.
  • Leading risk factors: hypertension and diabetes (high blood sugar).

Take Charge of Your Health

  • Know risk factors: Hereditary, hypertension, diabetes.
  • Reducing risk factors: Health screenings, proper exercise/physical activity, healthy diet, healthy weight, be knowledgeable of family history.
  • Talk to your doctor: Voice any concerns. Write questions down before going to next appointment to assure all your concerns get addressed.
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Level: 8 (Easily understood by 13-14 year old).

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