The Spear of Destiny By: Sophie Stewart

About everyone knows that Hitler owned the Spear of Destiny until his death, but did he really die? When Hitler first saw the Spear of Destiny as a little boy he was fascinated by the sight of it. Hitler then made his plan to conquer and rule the world. Nobody on this Earth, not anybody, knows where the real Spear of Destiny is located because the people that say that they have the real one don’t want to get it tested; they don’t want to have a fake. Every emperor that carried the Spear of Destiny into battle had died when they had lost it, just like the legend has said. The magic of the Spear of Destiny is still troubling and confusing to researchers and people across the country to this very day.

Hitler's death but was he really dead?

Theory 1

Many people do believe that the Spear of Destiny does have magical powers and that it was used to pierce Christ’s side. It states that when a spear, the Spear of Destiny, pierced Christ’s side that, from that time forward, whoever claimed the spear holds the destiny of the world in his or her hands for good or evil. There are a lot of different stories on what people think happened to the spear, but nobody really knows. The Spear of Destiny fell into the possession of the Saxon Dynasty of Germany in the early 900’s. The Spear of Destiny that has been held in Krakow since at least the 1200’s, is said to be fake. The Spear of Destiny would be well protected in the Hall of St. Katherine’s Church, where it had once rested for nearly 400 years. The spear that is in Vienna has been considered the most real spear and it has been there for at least 250 years. Peter Bartholomew said that he had a vision where St. Andrew had said to him that the Spear of Destiny was buried in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Antioch. After much digging in the Cathedral, Peter Bartholomew dug some more and he discovered the Spear of Destiny while digging deeper. Hitler found that as many as 45 emperors had owned the lance before the Great Charlemagne had possessed it. Hitler got his hands on the spear in 1944 when it was moved to a specially constructed vault beneath a church built in secret and at great expense to protect the stolen relics from bombs. On March 14, 1938, Hitler arrived in Vienna to oversee the joining of Austria, he also observed the transfer of the Holy Lance for Vienna to Nuremberg. Now the spear was safely enclosed in Germany, then Hitler declared that war could begin in the earnest. When Hitler lost the spear to the U.S. he committed suicide less than 2 hours later. Later, after it was moved to the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris during the French Revolution, the Spear of Destiny somehow disappeared. The Spear of Destiny is said to be a long spear with gold and stones on the top and in it was the symbol of two letters for Christ’s name. An emperor had the habit of wearing those two letters on his helmet after Christ’s crucifixion. The spear also contained a cloth which was a royal piece, the emperor commanded that the cloth should be carried at the front of all of his armies.

The Spear of Destiny piercing Christ's side at his Crucifixion.

Theory 2

Some people believe that the Spear of Destiny wasn’t used to stab Christ and that it doesn’t have magical powers. When Hitler lost the Spear of Destiny, he might have faked his death in his underground bunker. When Hitler’s body was found in his underground bunker they tested his bones and it was a woman's body not his or any man's. Long after World War II had ended, Hitler was spotted living in the Andes Mountains in Argentina. With the release of official FBI documents it is confirmed that Adolf Hitler actually escaped Germany. Now with even more news that a photo with a 95-year-old Hitler posing with his girlfriend in Brazil in 1984. FBI documents show that not only was Hitler’s suicide faked, but he might have had help from the director of the OSS himself. In one FBI document from Los Angeles, it says that the agency knew about a mysterious submarine that was making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more interesting is that the FBI knew that Hitler was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes. Even when someone gave the FBI a detailed description and direction to Hitler they still didn’t follow up on it or even send out a search party for him. Soviets could have been lying all this time and what we have been taught at school could have all been a fake. So did Adolf Hitler really escape to Argentina, the answer is yes he did, which means that the Spear of Destiny doesn’t have magical powers because if Hitler didn’t die when he lost the Spear of Destiny then it’s a myth. The Spear of Destiny has been found and it is now hidden at a former Nazi encampment in Antarctica. If the Spear of Destiny was lost in World War II then why, when the US “got” it, are they ruling right now if they just found it somewhere else. It is said that the original Spear of Destiny disappeared after Hitler’s death at the end of WW II. Nobody will let the government test the spear that they call the Spear of Destiny because they don’t want other people to know that they don’t have the real one in their position. The evidence of the Spear of Destiny being powerful and have it been at the Crucifixion of Christ are doubtful. The Bible says nothing about the spear used by a Roman soldier to stab Christ after he died other than a spear pierced his side. There would be no reason for the Spear of Destiny to have any special properties because people say to have such things in their possession, but nobody has been able to prove what they have claimed. Even if the spear could have powers it clearly has no special powers, just read the story of how Hitler supposedly possessed it. The versions of Hitler’s story of how he died say that he committed suicide and the U.S. took possession of the spear. If the Spear of Destiny had all the power people claim it has then why would Hitler have committed suicide, if he really did. If the spear had all of the power that people claim that it does then why didn’t Hitler trust the power of it. If it really had the power then why would the U.S. surrender it to the Austrian government? If it had real power then why is Austria a shadow of its former self since they are now the possessors of the spear. If the spear has any power then it is the idea of the spear and not the spear itself that has the power. That means that if somebody who has the Spear of Destiny thinks it has power then they might do things that they would not do without the spear. Then that means that the power is the power of suggestion not actually any real power the spear has.

The Bible

What I Believe

After much research on my topic of the Spear of Destiny, I now agree with my theory two. This theory states that the Spear of Destiny doesn’t have any magical powers and it wasn’t used to pierce Christ’s side. I agree with this theory because in the bible it doesn’t say anything about the Spear of Destiny, a specific spear, piercing Christ’s side, it only says that a spear pierced Christ’s side at crucifixion. Also, if Hitler never really died, committed suicide, then the spear doesn’t actually contain any powers; except it might have the power to you thinking that it does. If the Spear of Destiny really does have magical powers then why is the United States ruling right now if they don’t even have the spear in their possession? You should also believe in this theory because it states, in one of my resources, that the Argentine government actually welcomed Hitler and they also helped him in his hiding in the Andes Mountains. When the OSS helped Hitler it wasn’t their first time helping a high ranking Nazi official to escape like Adolf Eichmann who was located in Argentina in the 1960’s. If Hitler really made duplicates on the spears and the Nazi still have it then why is the United States kind of ruling now? Some legends of Odin say that he used a spear to impale himself on a tree to gain enlightenment but he failed, that means that when he still had the Spear of Destiny in his possession, he hadn’t gotten it taken it away from him, he still killed himself. Himmler, a leading member of the Nazi party, rose to become one of the most powerful men in Nazi, Germany, but he didn’t even have the spear in his possession at that time. So you should really know that the Spear of Destiny’s magical powers is just a myth to me and it should also be a myth to you. The Bible is a great source and it doesn’t call a spear that pierced Christ’s side the Spear of Destiny, it doesn’t even describe it; I personally believe that that makes that Bible a great source to use on this topic. Hitler was also very popular and that makes the website that I used very interesting, I very much believe that Hitler lived and didn’t commit suicide.

Adolf Hitler's quote

To this very day, across the country, the Spear of Destiny’s magic is still confusing and troubling to people and researchers. It is important for you to know this information that I have on this paper because it’s good to know about what happened in our history; the Spear of Destiny has a pretty big story in it. It is good to know this because if you were to do a report about the Spear of Destiny you would know a lot about it. This helped our world know if Hitler had died or not, it is very important to them. This impacts you because if the Spear of Destiny didn’t exist or no history existed then what would you learn in school. You should care because if you are a Christian then the Spear of Destiny might’ve pierced Christ’s side and that was a huge part of Christ’s story. If you aren’t a Christian then you should care because if you wanted to you could figure out where the Spear of Destiny really is, if you’re really interested. The Spear of Destiny dealt with Hitler, and Hitler was a big part in this world, so you might not even be existing now if Hitler didn’t die and kept on ruling.

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