"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" --- Aristotle

Mission Statement

The mission of the IACS Rise program is to provide academically motivated students the ability to move at a more rigorous pace in order to move beyond the standard curriculum through the use of experiential learning opportunities, interdisciplinary classrooms, and student choice.

The IACS Rise program is an honors based program like no other. We strive to provide students an opportunity to grow academic and personally through unique experiential learning opportunities.

Am I right for the Rise Program?

The IACS Rise program is looking for the following students to join the program:

  • Academically Motivated
  • Strong work ethic
  • Shows grit when things get tough
  • Perseverance
  • Inquizitive
  • Self Motivated
  • Organized
  • Teaching to the whole child
  • Help students become lifelong learners
  • Move at a faster pace than a traditional classroom
  • Additional chances for project based learning
  • Challenging course work
  • Experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom
  • Potential for high school credit
  • Personalized learning within the classroom
  • Equip students with lifelong skills such as time-management and organization.

Pillars of the Rise Program

Pillar One: Interconnected

With the adopted collaborative teaching model, student will have the space to work closely with their teachers throughout their career in the Rise program. This will allow students to have an interdisciplinary and integrated learning experience.

Pillar Two: Engagement

Throughout the Rise program, student will have the ability to explore areas that are of interest to them, at a deeper level. As students explore these areas, they will be creating evidence of their learning to be shared. Curriculum will be structured in a way which will allow for new and exciting way to learn.

Pillar Three: Pace and Rigor

In the Rise program, students will be working at a faster pace in order to go beyond the standard curriculum. By working with more rigor and pace, students will have the ability to dive deeper into their learning and allow for more experiential learning to take place. This higher level thinking leads to better quality of student work with less overall assignments.

Pillar Four: Expediential

To create a unique learning environment, the Rise program will focus on creating lifelong learners through the use of experiential learning inside and outside the classroom. Students will have the ability to extend their learning within our community. This form of learning comes from more projects, Socratic seminar and portfolio creation.

Pillar Five: Balance

While academics are important, in the Rise program students are encouraged to find passions, participate in extracurriculars and more. We understand students have life outside of the classroom and the importance of family time. Through organization and time management, students will be able learn life long skills to help achieve this balance.

Pillar Six: Grit and Perseverance

Students in the Rise program will be pushed academically on a regular basis which will require grit and perseverance. Working hard is at the core of the Rise program. By showing grit and perseverance, students will gain life long skills which will transcend the classroom, while learning the importance of integrity.

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA each quarter
  • Regularly attend school
  • No office referrals or disciplinary issues
  • Maintain a system of organization
In order to be considered for the Rise program, students will need to submit a student application, two teacher recommendation forms (one for 5th grade teacher and another from a teacher of choice), and submit a guardian permission form. Click on the links below to access the applications and Rise Program page.