Introducing | The Handmade PrimaBook

A stunningly beautiful price conscious photo book.

This is a new book offering for me. So far I have been offering the Antique & Lunak albums from Portugal and always had a great up take from my couples who’ve been looking for a premium way to display their photographs.

The Handmade PrimaBook is something which I never thought I’d be able to offer. A competitively priced handmade photo book for those people wanting more of a snapshot product to showcase their special day.

The best part for me about the PrimaBook is the price. Designed with a quicker print production in my mind and no box included means savings in price have been passed down to me. Don’t worry though, the construction of the book is still handmade with all the care of the other two products.

Make It Yours | No Extra Cost

With 10 beautiful Flores fabrics and 6 pre-made stamps you can really add the finishing touch to your book

Show me the Covers

Show me the Stamps

Square becomes Landscape

With Panoramic Lay Flat the pages become a landscape wide canvas when the book opens. Avalaible in two sizes 8x8" & 10x10"

Unlike the Antique & Lunak albums you cannot lay photographs across the gutter line. Other than this small feature you can fill the pages with as many or as little photographs as you’d like.

starting from £175

Your Primabook comes with 10 Spreads and includes the pre-made embossing. Price for 8x8" £175, 10x10" £225. Family bundle 2x 8x8" + 1x 10x10" £525. Additional pages can be added at £10 per spread (2 pages)