How to Make P2P Payments Pay It Now lets you send cash, and not your banking info.

After you login to your account, go to the Transfer tab and click "Start new Transfer".

In the "Bill Pay Dashboard" you will find "Quick Pay". There you can select your Payee or person you'd like to send money to.

Once you've added your Payee, you will be prompted with the information needed about the Payee.

Enter your recipient's name, mobile phone number, or email address (whichever they prefer).

Create your own security question and answer, and a message (if you choose). Note that you will have to share the answer of your security question with the intended recipient, so that they may securely accept the funds.

If you then go to your dashboard, you'll see your scheduled P2P payment has been scheduled. Meanwhile, the friend you're paying will get a text or email notification that looks a bit like this, along with a hyperlink to follow:

When they click the hyperlink, they'll go to a Pay It Now landing page where they will confirm their mobile number (or email address), and the answer to your security question (which is not case sensitive). It will follow through to instructions on which of their accounts they would like to send their payment deposit.

Super. Simple.

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