WOW After School Virtual Enrichments Brought to you by WOW & Wheeler Auxiliary Programs

Thank you for joining our first-ever virtual WOW!

Programs have concluded for the 19-20 school year. Feel free to look around to check out some of the awesome things we did during distance learning!

Join our After School Team as we invite your child & members of your family to take part in WOW Programs from the comfort of your own home! We realize that this is a challenging time for all families and want to assure you that we are here for you and are all in this together, every step of the way!

Thank you for joining us for WOW Virtual After School. We have listened to your feedback & are so appreciative of your support. To provide consistency to you & your kiddos we have established a static schedule accessible to all ages.

Weeks 9 & 10 are updated and look a little different than previous weeks!

Virtual After-School will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, during the final weeks of distance learning. Starting at 3 pm, families will have a chance to log on and get situated while offering an opportunity to socialize. Around 3:15 we will start our first activity! Activities are appropriate for all grade levels and will conclude at 4 pm.

Below you will find the schedule for each afternoon, any supplies you may need, and access links to the Google Meet virtual classrooms! There is no registration required and classes are free of charge. Just click the Enter Class button on the desired day when you are able to join! We are looking forward to seeing all of our Lower School friends & making some new friends, too!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! heathersantoro@wheelerschool.org.

Virtual After School Weeks 9 & 10


May 26 & June 2

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm B I N G O with the After School Team

We will continue our Tuesday after school tradition of BINGO! We invite children, grown-ups, & the whole family to join. Play one round or multiple rounds. First game will start at 3:15 pm, if you miss the first game start we invite you to join in every 15 minute mark.

What you will need: Access your unique playing card here. You may print the card or play virtually. (If printing, be sure you have something to cover the numbers with!) Please set your child's computer microphone to mute when logging in.


May 27 & June 3

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Game Shows!

Think you've got what it takes to be a "millionaire"? Want to test your knowledge? Spin the Wheel to guess the word or phrase? Join us for a variety of game shows to close out the school year.

What you will need: Please set your child's computer microphone to mute when logging in. Have some paper and a writing utensil accessible.


May 28 & June 4

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Scavenger Hunts!

Our final Thursdays together will be spent sending children on scavenger hunts through their homes & yards! What will you be challenged to find? Each week the tasks will change so be sure to log on to see what they will be!

What you will need: Parents please note that your child will be asked to step away from the computer and bring specific items back to show the group. We will do our best to promote proper "clean up" & ask students to put things back where they have found them. Please set child's microphone to mute.

What We've Been Up To...

WEEKS 1 & 2

April 1 - April 9

  • Wednesday: Living Story with Ms. Cara. Everyone got up and jumped along to a one of a kind story where everyone became the characters. Filled with magic, adventure, mystery, song, and a lot of silly movement! Read Aloud with Josh. Kiddos started their extraordinary adventure into The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Each week will build on the previous, so you won't want to miss this one!
  • Thursday: Creature Races with with Ms. Heather. We were moving again, but this time like our favorite creatures! We combined our favorite animal racing game with creative movement. Lincoln Mills Radio Part 1 with Travis. Everyone contributed to the production and creation of one of a kind music & stories! There was dancing, some acting & ALOT of laughing!
  • Friday: Salt Dough Sculptures with Ms. Cara were a hit! It was fun to build and create with friends. Our first edition of Chess with Josh had the group collectively playing a game of chess against a computer! Super cool team effort.
  • Monday: It was great to meet special friends and see special items during Show & Share with Ms. Cara. Keep an eye out for the next time you'll get to share with the group! Paper Streets was a success all around. Kiddos were challenged to create cities, towns, kingdoms fostered by group discussion. Each masterpiece was unique & creative in their own way.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday is never complete until you've experienced WOW BINGO Tuesdays! For the first time in the history of WOW, Bingo was successfully played from home without any "it's time to go" tears :)
  • Wednesday: Paper Finger Puppets with Ms. Cara. Friends, family members & even cats were constructed into finger puppets by simply using paper and tape! Storytelling with Travis took a twist as kiddos were responsible for creating their own moving galaxies with a cool online platform.
  • Thursday: Continuing to move our bodies, we played a fun game of Tissue Dance with Ms. Heather. Kiddos were challenged to balance a tissue on their heads while dancing! Venturing deeper into journey through The Hobbit, our weeky Read Aloud with Josh took us to new heights!

WEEKS 3 & 4

April 13 - 24

  • Monday: Collaboration at it's finest! Taking turns providing words for the blank spaces, silly stories were created about outerspace, astronauts, & aliens. We continued to expand our knowledge of outserspace with a fun series of HangMan. Paper Streets, our weekly creative drawing activity, allowed children to expand on their cities while also allowing new friends to begin their city creations.
  • Tuesday: Bingo was back, but this time, with a twist! We challenged our players with colored Bingo beads and it was a hit! What powers do these beads have? Join us each week to find out!
  • Wednesday: The stage was set for our weekly Read Aloud- A Series of Unfortunate Events and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us! After learning about our new friends, we created stories of our own with Travis. The result of these silly stories: tons of laughter! For our later Read Aloud Series, we continued our adventure in The Hobbit.
  • Thursday: Our Disney inspired Movement Mash-Up, took us through a series of activities with our favorite Disney characters. Starting off with a rendition of Red-Light, Green-Light, students were tasked with making the correct moves to the corresponding character! We created a dance by each contributing a move and putting them together to a favorite Disney tune and finished the afternoon with Freeze Dance accompanied by original music created by Travis!
  • Friday: Our first Scavenger Hunt Series was a success! Ms. Cara had kiddos using their brains to solve riddles which led them to the object they had to find. Ms. Heather then challenged friends to find objects in the order of the alphabet. Working together we found a total of 26 objects! To take us into the weekend, Josh presented a chess board for all to see. Everyone took turns to make moves in our group chess game against a computer opponent!
  • Monday: Random words + magic, dragons, and everyone's favorite wizard made for quite eventful stories. The tale of Harry Potter wasn't quite how we remembered it but the twist produced laughter by all!
  • Tuesday: Bingo was enjoyed by all ages including a parent who won not once but twice! Our Bingo Beads were back with their ever-changing powers. What powers will next week's Bingo Beads hold?!
  • Wednesday: We dove into Chapter 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events and learned a little bit more about a new character. Travis entertained our group and helped facilitiate some imagination exploration with Interactive Storytelling and Josh led our hobbits into a thrilling and exciting chapter during our later Read Aloud.
  • Thursday: We got our workout in with UNO Movement! Card colors represented certain fitness moves & the number on the card determined how many times we needed to do it! Action Cards allowed us a break or supercharged boost. We cooled our bodies down with Yoga Simon Says & finished off the afternoon with some Storytelling that required other participants to act out what was happening!

Friday, April 24th: Virtual Conference Care

Virtual Conference Care was nothing short of F U N ! Offering 4 different opportunities for students & families throughout the day to connect with our staff, each other, & participate in fun teacher led activities! We spent our morning searchig high & low in our homes to fit the description of our Rainbow & Riddle Scavenger Hunts. One of our favorite moments was a cameo by a family dog which fit the riddle of Animal! We kept our bodies moving during an hour of Movement Activities which included the game Captain's Coming, an animal dance party & learning the line dance, Funky Cowboy. During our afternoon session, we narrated an Adventure Story where students & teachers played the characters and determined what would happen next. What started off as a vacation on a tropical island, turned into a mission in Paris! We can't wait to see what will happen next! We topped off the day with a fun hour of Game ShowsWho Wants to be a Millionaire & Disney inspired Jeopardy.

Weeks 5 & 6

April 27 - May 8

  • Monday: Our brains were put to the test while we solved a series of brain teasers and worked together to complete crossword puzzles.
  • Tuesday: Bingo continued with a new tradition! Anytime B4 is called, you must stop "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!"
  • Wednesday: We continued to learn more about the Baudelaire Family and their new home! For our storytelling time, we picked up where we had left off. Our original story left us with yet another cliffhanger.
  • Thursday: We acted out our emotions through facial expressions and our bodies! We danced to popular Disney tunes and our movements expressed the emotions of the songs.
  • Friday: Out Scavenger Hunt series continued with an All About Me hunt. Children brought back items to share that were reflections of themselves. It was followed by a Rhymes With...Hunt where children found the objects that rhymed with a word they were given! Our chess game for the afternoon was so intense, we went into overtime!
  • Tuesday: New styles of Bingo were introduced! Children listened to the numbers called backwards in order to check their cards & cover their numbers.
  • Wednesday: Inspired by student's interest. We read parts of A Series of Unfortunate Events to create drawings about how we envisioned Count Olaf's house. We played a group storytelling activity, where each child built off of the previous child's idea and got closer to the middle of our journey through The Hobbit.
  • Thursday: We learned a fun dance to the song Dance Monkey with Ms. Heather. For our final performance we all grabbed a different costume piece to complete our act! Ms. Cara led a fun charades game where we posed like tops of trophies. We even got to create some of our own! Travis introduced a fun game that left everyone laughing.
  • Friday: Every child, equipped with a ruler or measuring tape, searched high and low for items that were particular lengths! We also found objects that we compared to the size of our heads, length of our feet and fingers. We spent the rest of our time playing Chess with Josh!

WEEKS 7 & 8

May 11 - May 21

  • Monday: During our day off from Distance Learning we participated in Charlotte’s Challenge! This scavenger hunt challenge was created by Wheeler Upper School students Emeline Whealton ’22 and Nicholas Radesca ’21 for their Short Story elective. We listened to Emeline and Nick's story about Charlotte and then complete a scavenger hunt of our own, finding objects in our homes (or parent's offices) that start with each letter of our own names! We concluded the morning with a fun rendition of Wheel of Fortune!
  • Tuesday: We kept our Bingo tradition alive, playing rounds of traditional bingo, Pick-6 and Stand Up, Sit Down!
  • Wednesday: Jeopardy was back and better than before! We answered questions about different characters found in books, a variety of stories and genres. With Travis, we continued our storytelling journey from the previous week and added another chapter in from The Hobbit.
  • Thursday: Our bodies were a-movin' during fun games such as Mimic Me, and Composer/Choreographer.
  • Friday: Our Scavenger Hunts this week had us searching our homes for objects of different textures, scents, and colors as well as rhyming clues where we filled in the "blank" with the objects we found!
  • Monday: We challenged ourselves in a new game taught by Ms. Cara! Call My Bluff, had us creating definitions of silly words and having our peers guess which was correct. Scattergories was played virtually and we learned it can get tricky!
  • Tuesday: Bingo was different this week with a new game caller! Ms. Cara
  • Wednesday: Everyone who joined became a "millionaire!" We brought images to life through our adventure storytelling and continued to adventure with Bilbo in The Hobbit.
  • Thursday: We Zumba'd our way through the afternoon and topped it off with a series of fun games; Break the Code and Wah Master

While we can't wait to get back to making memories like these...

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...we hope to put your mind at ease. Our team is available and more than happy to help provide you with resources you may need to fill up any "empty" time you may have during your days.

If you would like to hear more about activities, crafts, or games that you can play with your child and share with your families please reach out! We will provide you with all the information you will need to run activities on your own.

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