Different Forces by jacqueline donjuan and marian gonzalez

What is force? force is a push or a pull. force is measured in the unit of newton. (N).

examples of forces include: friction, tension,gravity,and etc. these forces act in pairs.

what is a balanced force ? a balanced force is when all the forces can cancel eachother out, and then the net is zero. balanced forces stand still or move at a constant speed.

What is an unbalanced force ? an unbalanced force is a cause in a change in motion

  • change speed in motion
  • change direction of motion
  • the object will move in the direction of the net force

Net force is the "left over" amount when all the forces are combined

  • if forces are opposite you subtract
  • if forces are in the same direction you add
  • net force = 0 its balanced


Acceleration is when an object increases in the rate of speed

  1. acceleration can be speeding up, slowing down or CHANGING DIRECTION
  2. circular motion {like a ferris wheel} is constantly changing in direction

How to Calculate Net force using Force arrows

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