The mental impact on refugees By:Reese Moreno

"Migrants and refugees aren't pawns on the chessboard of humanity"- Pope Francis
-Sometimes, the children are the most affected-

With 6 years of brutal war in Syria, the citizens are caught in the middle. Playgrounds turned into war zones. Neighborhoods bombed and looted. But most of all, the citizens displaced all over Europe, and the world. All of this trauma has to have some effect on the refugees. Bones and cuts can heal. But often, the mind can't.

Many of refugees struggles goes beyond the physical. Often the mental impact is just as harmful. The trauma of the journey and war can often cause, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. When young children experience traumatic events like this, it causes behavior problems and nightmares. Refugees that have physical harm already have a hard time getting treated. But the people that have mental issues, it's even harder to get help. Many can't afford a therapist or medication like anti-depressants. So over time, the problem gets even worse.

In conclusion, refugee's phsycological well being isn't thought of as much as the physical impact. When these mental conditions go untreated, the effects are life long. And it's ruining people's lives.


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