Brain on Fire By: elle hausfeld

When a women in her young thirties, living in her New York studio apartment suddenly thinks she gets bug bites because of two dots on her arms; it starts a whole new story. Susannah Calahan, starts acting unlike herself and her family, friends, and workers begin to notice and it frightens them. Calahan then proceeds to attempt to figure out what is wrong by going to several doctors, psychiatrist, and side kicks; all of them could not figure out what is wrong. As her sickness becomes worse and her boyfriend, Stephen, her parents and her work friend, Angela, become more worried they begin to take it to the next step by checking her into a hospital. After multiple seizures and unknown behavior they decided this was the best decision for her at this point. During her hospital stay Susannah goes through series of tests that all come up negative leaving her doctors completely lost. Susannah doesn't remember much during her month in the hospital, hint why she named her book "My Month of Madness". It wasn't until Doctor Najar came along having some idea of what her diagnosis could be, after reading an article on a couple cases similar to her, he does a brain biopsy to make sure his diagnosis is correct. From there they planned a course of treatment so that she could hopeful get better. Through her whole sickness she was not herself and it scared her friends with the thought that she could possibly never get better. When her health may have been improving her personality still wasn't the same as it was before. She now writes this book on her sickness and how she came back to the person she was before.

This is a picture of Susannah in the hospital with wires connected to her head.

The whole goal of Susannah writing a book about her illness is to make people more aware of her disease and that crazy things can happen to anyone. Towards the end of her book she begins to explain other cases that are similar to hers that were diagnosed wrong and had deadly effects because of the wrong diagnosis. This book also shows her thanks to doctor for not giving up and finding out what is wrong with her.

This was Susannah and the doctor that saved her life.

My favorite part in the book was when Susannah finally gains back most of her personality, like she was before the sickness, it's a really encouraging story showing that even the hardest illness can be recognized. I remember when my grandfather was in the hospital and they could't figure out was wrong with him after many negative test result one doctor final figured out what was wrong with him. Unfortunately after he got better he had sudden death about a year after he was better.

Overall I would give this book a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I thought it had a good purpose and an interesting plot to it.

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