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Issue #1 January 16, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pro's & Cons

Nintendo Switch has been sweeping the gaming media by storm! While there has been a lot of positive feedback from consumers there has also been a lot of negative responses as well.

The first form of negative feedback came after specs were revealed. While showing an impressive hardware improvement from that of the last console (Nintendo Wii U) a lot of people were still questioning why Nintendo didn't make the Switch more powerful than that of it's competitors the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo was quick to respond on how the mobile aspect of this console limited the graphics capability due to ability to hold charge for long term play.

The Nintendo Switch controllers were advertised to hold as long as a 20 hour charge before needing to be placed back in the docking station for recharge. This was the second feature that was heavily addressed in almost all of gaming media. While some complained about having to re-dock once day for recharge I am still not seeing the issue here. We understand some gamers play with a hardcore addiction. But we say if you see yourself gaming 20 years for now then you best rest those retinas at least once a day! Plus just like you, the longevity of a gaming system depends on getting breaks to cool and reset every now and then!

The Pro Controller was also revealed. This addressed the very first problem consumers complained about after the initial design reveal where gamers stated the control just seemed to small for adults to grip comfortably. While this surprised a few it was an expected controller release, especially if Nintendo ever intends on getting serious about ESL gaming. The Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch features a design reminiscent of that of the Xbox One Controller. The favorited control design of Pro Gamers.

Nintendo also showed off the multiplayer gaming capabilities and it's advantages of being mobile friendly. With mobile gaming on the rise and the increased hype pro gamers have been receiving over the past 2 years this was definitely the highlight of the Nintendo Switch. While multiplayer games such as Splatoon 2 and MarioKart 8 Deluxe Edition were revealed. The only complaint this received was lack of launch titles. Though I'm sure is a problem that will disappear quickly with all the game design teams currently working on games partnered with Nintendo.

As expected we were also wow'd with additional The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild gameplay. All we can say about this is "It just keeps looking better and better!" This title should easily finish in the top 5 of 2017 as far as player reviews go.

Our Editors pick for favorite feature! The "Play Anywhere" of course! For when you can't wait to go but don't want to lose to your friends on the final lap of MarioKart 8.

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