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I downloaded it because it has a better interface than the browser version. It allow us post and share everyday stuff with friends and its purpose is that you can use it to connect with old friends


I downloaded it because of the I can watch the videos I like easier, it solves the the problem of free video entertainment


Twitter is an application that allows you to post your thoughts with other people with more freedom than other pages


Netflix provide with a wide variety of videos, I downloaded it because of the number of movies and tv shows that it provides


Instagram allows me to publish and view friend photos, I downloaded it because I can let people see the places, the food and


1. free ads 3. ask questions to know what you like an pair similar content 4. offline mode


The apps I saw in the app store that most of the highest rated apps had a simple design, most were free but included in app purchase and were relevant with the news of the moment

Lesson 4

1. Youtube 2.Facebook 3. Instagram 4.Netflix 5.Twitter. I wrote them in this order as I think youtube has the best browser and user friendly UI and twitter has the worst


Seeing the list the thing that stand out the most are the no ads and ask question to group with similar content as apps with no ads have higher customer satisfaction


My app name is Health Squad and it is made so you can get day to day program of exersice and eating program to simply lose weight or gain muscle mass

Lesson 7

Can you made an app that detects if the user is falling? yes they can use the GPS sensor in the phone to detect movement in the person. I want my app to use bluetooth so it can connect with other devices

Lesson 8

In my app I want include cross-platform performance and and the ability to retains the purchase that you made even if you change devices.

Lesson 9

1.Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal: it includes a calorie calculator and a database on the the calories contained in food. 2.Fitbit: ttraks workout routine, sleep cycles, and makes a diagram of your health. 3.Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter: You take a picture of the food and the apps scans it showing how much calories it has and how much work you must do to balance it

Lesson 10

What makes an app appealing icon? bright colors and eye catching images. How many taps iit takes to reach your main menu ? 2 Will you app include onboarding experience? yes when you first open your app it will have a tutorial that show you all the features of the app

Lesson 11

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