Wonder Character analysis

August Pullman

The main character. His face is deformed due to "mandibulofacial Treacher-Collins syndrome", along with other facial malformations. He faces many difficulties when he enrolls in his first year of middle school after being home schooled for many years. In the end, he is able to make new friends and accept himself for who he is.

Olivia Pullman

August's older sister. She talks about Auggie and the hardships of being a sister of someone who is deformed in Part 2. She truly cares for Auggie and will always defend him. Often, Via feels jealous of the attention Auggie receives because of his deformity. She often scolds herself and feels guilty for feeling this way.

Jack Will

August's best friend. Mr. Tushman asked Jack, Charlotte, and Julian to give August a tour of Beecher Prep. At first, Jack did not want to be friends with Auggie because of his facial deformity. He thought it would prevent him from being friends with the "popular kids." He, at first, pretended to be friends with Auggie, and was devastated when August found out, but they become friends again. Later, he comes to genuinely appreciate August for who he is.

Summer Dawson



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