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Meet the one of a kind, Dionne Brand!!


Do you know who loves books and poems and who writes them too? Do you know who is a filmmaker and an activist too? Dionne Brand, that's who!

Dionne Brand was born on January, 7th, 1953. She was born in Guayaguayare, Trinidad. ( She is currently still alive. )

Education and Career

Dionne Brand moved to Toronto on 1970 and attended the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. The subjects she took were BA, English and Philosophy ( Toronto University ) and MA and Philosophy of Education ( Ontario Institute for Studies in Education ). She published many pieces of poetry,essays and writings while teaching literature. Dionne Brand is also a influential humans' rights activist.


Dionne Brand has won many awards such as, . . .

*Governor General's Award for Poetry for "Land to Light on",1997

*Trillium Book Award for "Land to Light on",1997

*Pat Lowther Award for "Thirsty",2003

*City of Toronto Book Award for " What we All Long For",2006

*Griffin Poetry Prize for "Ossuaries",2011

*Harbourfront Festival Prize,2006


Dionne Brand is considered one of Canada's most accomplished poetic voices. She has published several volumes. For example, . . .

This is one out of the many quotes by Dionne Brand.

Her poetry is formed by honesty and compassion of ( usually ) the experience of an immigrant woman.

"This is a poem about the city. About a man who has visions, hovering on the edge but hating it, restless and at war with the world but wanting the peace that pass understanding. Everything he does is half-done, except his death. When he falls, his parched spirit crying "thirsty". His family falls apart."

This book is about 'Yasmine', a woman living an underground life, fleeing from the past. She regrets many things. She leads a solitary, clandestine life, crossing borders ( e.g., Cuba, Canada, . . . ). This is work of deep engagement, sensuality and ultimate craft from an essential observer.

Non-Fictional and Other Activities

Dionne Brand is a prolific author of non-fiction. Some examples of her books are No Burden to Carry (1991) which is basically about Oral Histories of Black Woman in Ontario.Furthermore, another example of her books is Bread Out of Stone which is several critical essays on gender and race issues. She also taught literature and creative writing in Ontario and British Columbia.

Some examples of Brand's novels are:

At The Full and Change of The Moon(1999), What we All Long For, In Another Place, Not Here, etc, . . .

Inspiration to Dedication

"Her poetry is characterized by formal and linguistic experimentation in her endeavour to articulate with honesty and passion the experience of an immigrant woman." This means that Dionne's poetry is inspired by the experience of an immigrant woman and her point of view.


Here is an example of one of Dionne's books.


Dionne Brand stands up for equal human rights through her powerful words in her poems and movies.


  • attempts to stabilize and fix boundaries identity
  • whether personal or national

Inspiring Others

Dionne Brand is an inspiration to me because she shows me that it's good to get your opinion out because everyone can make a difference. Also, she has a way with words that is unique and we all know that words have a big impact on citizens because words count.

Fun Facts


  • she has written and co-directed films for the National Film Board of Canada
  • is also a committed social activist, critiquing economic and political power structures and speaking out against racism, discrimination against women, and discrimination against gay and lesbian communities
  • she is a founding member of Our Lives, Canada's first newspaper devoted to Black women

Quiz/ Test Time!!!!

  • What year did Dionne move to Toronto?
  • What year was she born?
  • Who is Dionne Brand`s inspiration

Thank you for listening ( and watching )!!!!!!!!!!!!


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