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It is Spring and hot here in Alabama. So something cool , easy and yummy for dinner after a long hot Spring day ;Pasta Salad !! It is colorful , cool and yummy also what's for dinner at our home .
Pasta Salad My Way. Ingredients: 1 box or bag Colored Garden Rotini, 1 can of black olives ,1 tsp salt ,1 can of Artichoke Hearts ,1 ball or block of mozzarella use 1 cup, 1 jar of red sweet pepper strips ,Slices of Italian Dry Salame, 1 cup of Non-Pareilles Capers ,1 cup of fresh Parmesan ,1/2 cup of Feta cheese ,1 Cup of red wine vinegar & olive oil dressing ,or if you prefer Italian dressing ,I also used Salad Supreme seasoning to garnish after placing in serving bowls
Supplies needed 5 qt stock pot Colander ,Stirring spoon, Cutting knife, Cheese grater optional ,Serving bowls or plates ,utensils
Salami & cheese


Get all ingredients together

drain olives and Artichoke hearts , cut Artichoke hearts in half if you purchased whole ones ,you can also cut the olives in half if you purchased whole ,

Boil 4 qts of water add salt

Add Rotini stir occasionally while boiling for 9-12 mins

Remove and drain run cold water over Rotini, place in fridge to cool for about

25 -30 mins take out and place in serving bowl , add cheese , black olives , capers , Artichoke hearts , peppers , salame ,

Mix all together , add dressing then place in fridge for about 15 mins and serve with French bread or alone . You can also add fresh croutons if you like

Enjoy 🍽
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