Adobe Illustrator Harris feferman

In this project I was tasked with creating a 3D room. I learned how to draw things like the lights, tree and presents. This project made me a better illustrator.
In this project I had to recreate a car logo. I had to follow a tutorial and make the BMW symbol. This was a challenging but rewarding task.
In this project I had to make my own dollar. I have a Texas theme with the Texas flag, longhorn, bluebonnet, turkey and Texas capital building. I drew the Texas flag, longhorn, dove and signed my signature. This was a very enjoyable project.
For this project I had to design my own coffee cup logo. I created a circular design and I name by logo Feferman Coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed this project.
On this project I had to color in a Super Man drawing. I liked the freedom of choosing my own colors and stroke. I added a dark stroke to make my Super Man look better.

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