Leonardo da Vinci Engineer, Inventor, Artist, anatomist, sculptor

Born April 15th, 1452, Leonardo would become known as the best of his time in multiple fields. Not only did Leonardo paint the Mona Lisa, he invented creations far beyond his time, and his innovative mind towards anatomy would civilize medical knowledge. His legacy is left on millions to this day.
Not very much is known about the renowned Renaissance man's childhood situation. Originally, Da Vinci lived with his father and stepmothers. He then later lived with his uncle and his grandparents. As a young boy at only 14, Leonardo was apprenticed to a great artist by the name Andrea di Cione. Much of his skillful painting and drawing ability was taught by Cione.
The Mona Lisa is by far the most well known of Da Vinci's paintings. The image depicts a woman, whose identity remains unknown, glares into the souls of onlookers with a mysterious smile. What makes her so famous is her creator's unknown motive behind her. The intricate detail and perplexing colors makes the woman quite lifelike. The woman Da Vinci shows is unknown and draws in crowds of visitors every day.
Leonardo had a certain talent of being able to draw human anatomy. The knowledge of the time about the human anatomy was minimal at that. Leonardo had hundreds of accurate sketches on the human body. Much of what was known of the human anatomy was based on other animals. This makes the perception of the body distorted or just wrong. However, Leonardo taught a new and civilized world about their anatomy.
Leonardo's great innovations included the invention of flying machines. One of these inventions including a helicopter-like vehicle. Keep in mind this was hundreds of years before the first helicopter (that worked) was created. The helicopter was not the only invention Da Vinci created. Along with a primative form of landing gear, he created sketches for tanks and even a giant crossbow operated by multiple people. Da Vinci had an engineering mind beyond most of his time.
Leonardo da Vinci was a great inventor, artist, and innovative scholar. His creative mind gives light to the power of the human brain to build and invent new and helpful concepts, as well as bring beauty to the world in the form of arts. Although Leonardo has long since passed, his legacy of great knowledge is left to future scholars alike.

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