We had a blast this week with all the different fantastical crafts. Friday was amazing with potions, ice cream and lots of games!

Outdoor fun!,

We had beautiful weather this week where we played with footballs, hula hoops, soccer balls, jump ropes, and frisbees during outdoor free time! We also played basketball on the patio and played lots of games at the park!


We played with apples to apples, mini legos, lanyards and board games this week!

Club day!

This week for club day we split up into soccer club (a favorite from last week) and art club. We practiced our skills our of the field while art club created an awesome mural filled with unicorns and a huge sun!

Arts and crafts

Our crafts this week were all fantasy themes. We made crowns on monday and some made crowns for their hair buns. On Tuesday we made gnome in our homes, which are little hidden gnomes that have secret messages. On Thursday we made dragons! They were all so different and creative!

Harry Potter Friday!

We celebrated Harry Potter Day this Friday! We had a packed day filled with our sorting hat ceremony, potions class and a visit from Florean Fortescue's Shop (an ice cream shop!). We were split into the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor (Red), Hufflepuff (Yellow), Slytherin (Green), and Ravenclaw (Blue). We made our house crest and then split up for potions class. We added pearl dust, unicorn hair, and leech juice into our potion! Afterwards we played on the Quidditch Pitch (aka the field) a new house game of keep away. We had a visit from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop where we picked between ice cream sandwiches and fudgsicles YUM! Lastly we played in the common room and outside to end our day. We wish every day was Harry Potter Day.


If your child is signed up for Waterdevils, please be aware that Waterdevils is not a Marinwood program, so you will need to let me know of any changes in times and dates of practice. Thank you!

Please remind your students to keep personal belongings (Pokémon cards, jewelry, pens/art supplies etc.) in their backpack during our program.

Next Week

Next week's theme is St. Patrick's Week! We will be celebrating St. Patrick's day all week long!

Have a great weekend!

Angela Owens

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