The trail of tears was created by the Native Americans. They went on a very long trail through many tribes like the cherokee nation and went past many states like Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and etc.

This is the map of the trail of tears

These are some photos of the native Americans that were getting ready for the French and Indian war.

During this year in 1754 was the French and Indian war. This war was won by the French but they had to pay a debt for the war but the French wanted the colonists to pay also. They thought it was fare to make the colonists pay half as much as them. But before the French and Indian war was the beaver war in 1640. Back then this war was very important because many other wars will come after this and if many other Europeans or Native Americans die then there wont be as much other Native Americans or Europeans to fight in other wars. During this war Europeans were stealing lands and killing many Native Americans, witch caused many massacres.

1622 massacre

And more massacres

Many of these massacres are from wars and other times were just killing for the land of the Native Americans. But these worn't just for the land the colonists and Europeans wanted riches and money to build more land.

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