March Dig


Test Unit 9

We began a new unit this month. The first thing we did was place a cement datum level and facing north.

The unit is placed 16m north and 5m east of the datum. It is a 2x4 unit.

After the unit was set up we removed grass and leaf litter.

We then went on to screen the leaf litter of the South West Quad.

While all of that was going on a few students were making maps of the dig site and filling out paper work.



  • Dayna
  • Lauren
  • Dr.Butler
  • Mr.Davis
  • Hilary
  • Siyona
  • Gabbie
  • Josue
  • Isaac
  • Misty
  • Ashley


This dig was probably the most precise work so far. We had to have the TU exactly 2x4 m no more no less. It took us awhile to get it, but we got it. Working on the paperwork was different for a change. As well as creating a map for the area. All in all it was a new experience that I can learn from. I hope next month we will be able to start the TU excavation.

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