Strengths: BMW is one of the top automobile manufacturers of today. They make top quality cars. They are very valuable and also they give a excellent driving experience. They have a variety of cars. That go from Gas, Hybrids, and electric cars available. BMW worldwide known for their top quality cars. And are also available worldwide.

Weaknesses: BMW has many strengths but they also have weaknesses. Many BMW's are known to be one of the most expensive cars out in the Automobile Market. Which points to only to a limited audiences.

Opportunities: BMW offers many opportunities. Many of the opportunities could be gas prices. The gas prices in the future are expected to rise. Another opportunity could be that could be that BMW comes out with a new model each year.

Threats: BMW has also many threats. A threat for the automobile company could be competition. Other automobile companies compete with BMW such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Fords. Other threats for the company could be the raise of taxes. Also it is shown that the U.S. automotive market has been slowly declining over the years.

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