Commonly Confused Words Braeden Hibdon - English 4

Their - Their car was sitting in the driveway with the door wide open while the family was inside of the house in the middle of the night.

They're - They're all good people but don't make them angry because they are very violent people.

There - There was only 2 pieces of chicken left in the bucket for the kid that made the touchdown after the rest of the team ate.

It's - The monster in the movie was very scary, it's teeth were huge!

Who's - The guy walking down the street who's got the nice shoes was my dad's best friend in high school.

Whose - Whose going on the field trip on Friday to the engineering firm?

Affect - The man had an affect on the children that the kids were able to learn very easily with.

Effect - The teacher asked us to do a paper on cause and effect and I did the best on it out of the whole class.

Accept - The card reader at the ATM would not accept my card for the longest time, then I got a new card and it worked fine.

Except - Everyone in the class stood for the pledge of allegiance except for the girl across the room, which was highly disrespectful.

Good - The food at the luncheon was very good and had a lot of flavor.

Well - The man was a well renowned chef and cooked some of the best food i have ever had in my life.

Its - Its claws were giant and it stood about 8 feet tall, some people said they thought it was very realistic to a real dinosaur.

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