By: Veronica Roth (Created by:Julie Silva)


In Beatrice world she and everyone else inside the fence lives in a faction system. There are five factions Candor the honest, Dauntless the brave, Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, and Erudite the intelligent. When one turns 16 years old they must select a faction where they shall live for the rest of their lives and once you leave there is no going back. Before they decide they are to go under a test to see where they are meant to be. Their faction should be the most important thing in their life and nothing else. When Beatrice takes the test she gets a test result that will forever change her life and she should choose carefully where she should stay for the rest of her life. Her life is in danger if she were to tell anyone her results. When choosing day comes she makes a choice that shocks everyone and even her self.

During initiation sh e makes friends that will forever change her life and shape who she is. She changes her name to Tris. As she makes her way up the ranks her life becomes more in danger. She meets a guy who she began to develop feelings for. As she is going through her training conflict arises. What she thought she knew about her society is a lie. Her secret can help her and her love ones but can also destroy her and everything around her.

What would Tris do? What does her secret have to do with the conflict arising? Will she be able to live up to one of the most important law?

"Faction before blood"


~ I would say anyone who wants a good thriller to read this book. Sure you may have already watched the movie but the movie gets many things wrong. The book will have ups and downs and will make you want to cry. One of the main ideas is being different in the book. In the book it talks about how being different is dangerous. It is what makes people get into problems and destroy the world. That it is better to think one way. That is why they were group into factions so that there would be order between them. Tris is different and because of the she is consider dangerous. This relates to us teens these days. We are are different from each other and this causes problems between us. "What makes you different makes you dangerous " -Veronica Roth~

The journey of Tris.





Veronica Roth ~Divergent~


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