Dream-Time Title Sequence By Ewan Hodson

Inspirations:Title Sequence's that have influence me, films similar to my idea and other influences.

The Reasons why I chose these video's was because each provide a different inspiration:

The first video was the opening to Deutschland 83 (2015). What inspired me about it was how the images in it were presented (torn up pieces of photo, code that changes etc.) and how that worked with the images presented. This helped because I am planning to use pictures in mine that don't look conventional and also I hope to have them synced to music.

The Second Video was the opening to Cowboy Bebop (1998). What inspired me about it was the use of colours and shapes in collaboration. The shapes and the colours work well together and are very reminiscent of the work of Saul Bass for Dr No and Alberto Lardani for Fistful of Dollars with it's use of silhouetted figures and space craft (Fistful of Dollars), use of primary colours and objects moving in time with the music (Dr No). This helped because I am planning to use coloured shapes (Squares, Rectangles and Triangles) to be moving hopeful in sync with the music.

The Third Video was the music video for the Pengus Song Fat Cats (2015). What inspired me about it was the music which was 80s style synths and the setting the music video was based (Hong Kong 1990). This has helped as it means I have idea of what type of music I should add and also the idea of the setting of Dreamtime which the title sequence would be part of.

The final video was the title sequence for the Film Anatomy of a Murder (1959). What inspired me was how the shape came into the scenes. The shapes move independently from the body and how jerky and uncanny of the movement of the shapes adds to a certain unease. This helped me as it allowed me to think off away to make shapes move into scenes and how that might work.

Dreamtime Storyboard

This is my storyboard for my Dreamtime Title Sequence. It shows how the sequence could possibly work when animating.

A Brief synopsis of what the film would be like:

It's 1989 and Charlie McDonnell (Henry Hull) is a MI6 spy who tasked to investigate the murder of a spy in Hong Kong. At first what seems like murder by the Triads becomes a hunt for a international cabal of spies who want to stoke a Cold War in South East Asia to keep their jobs. With Daniel Tulip and Inspector Antony Chang and Alice Swanson as CIA agent Jessica Spiegel this film is a spy thriller set against the backdrop of declining cold war and the fears of the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese.

Development: Before this digital media session I had never touched Dreamweaver or After Effects and I had a small understanding of Photoshop. Over this session I have learnt more about after-effects how you can use shapes, spotlights, audio and movement in title sequences and in after-effects. With Dreamweaver I learnt how to make a basic website to showcase said work and how you can make a nice simple website in Dreamweaver using CSS and HTML.

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