Brochure WHAT is A Brochure used for?

1. What type of text is it? What is its title?

YK Pao Secondary School Admission Brochure 2016.9

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience? (age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1. Target YK Pao School Future parents and students, who are deciding, pending, studying for YK Pao School.

2. Media, government members or other community members who have interest, interested or required to know YK Pao School.

3. What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

Primary Purpose: promote the school and get more admissions, which would increase the overall quality of student body at YK Pao School.

Secondary Purpose: promote the school to all community members, which will help the school to gain more government support and raise more fund.

4. What contextual aspects of the text are important? (year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

√ Curriculum the school offers

√ Student Life

√ Student activities

√ Dorm?

√ What the school look like

√ Where the school locate

√ Who is leading this school

√ School Mission

√ What make this school unique

5. What important language / linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?

The use of language and the accuracy of language represent the quality of staff members at school. A high accuracy language would make the school seems more powerful and more formal. By giving this impression would help the school to seek a larger quantity of admissions.

6. Is phonology important?

Of course! But make it LOOK GOOD is more important than the quality.

7. Is syntax important?

Yes, this require formal language to attract the customers or future students

8. Is grammar important?

Not for English part, because most admission parents are Chinese and most Chinese parents don't have a high English ability to recognize the grammar mistakes the school made in brochure.

9. What about pragmatics?

Not in English part. In Brochure, sometimes incorrect use of pragmatics can be recognize as unique.

10. Is typography important? Why?

YES! The format will enhance the overall impression of the brochure.

11. Visual images, charts and graphics?

Yes, make up some data, will get the audience's interest.

12. Other striking features? tone? style? theme? etc.


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